The lord of the Ming Dynasty was made into a "crock pot chicken"! Why did Zhu Gaojiao endeavor so much?

Today, the interesting history editor brought you an article about Han Wang Zhu Gaoyu, welcome to read ~

Recently, a TV drama based on the history of the Ming Dynasty spreads across the north and south of the river . Once the TV drama "Bright Ming Fenghua" was broadcast, it triggered a rush of discussion. Ming Dynasty ancestor Zhu Yuanzhang , who appeared at the beginning of the play, had a fierce shoe-pumping face, which was different from ordinary people's "phases of the emperor". With the expression of eye-catching above, slowly pulling out the sabre, it really scared a lot. Chasing the audience at night.

Regarding the true appearance of Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang, there are different opinions in the historical circles. Some people say that Zhu Yuanzhang's so-called "Dragon Phase" portraits, whether in clothing or hats, are incompatible with the clothes of the early Ming Dynasty.


In addition, of the 13 official portraits of Zhu Yuanzhang officially selected by the Qing dynasty, eleven are all Zhu Yuanzhang, which is so expensive, that most people believe that this was a deliberate fabrication made by the Qing to discredit Zhu Yuanzhang. Although the current mainstream view is that Zhu Yuanzhang has only two dignified portraits, for a long time, including the history textbook of the human education version, Zhu Yuanzhang's appearance will use the pair of "chin almost hits his forehead" Ugly.

However, although "Bright Ming Fenghua" pays more attention to commercial value, it will inevitably add some emotional lines and story lines, but it is certain that the characters of historical characters in the play have basically achieved the true restoration of historical records.

In addition to the decisive Ming Cheng ancestor Zhu Xi , the wise and foolish Ming Renzong Zhu Gaochi , and the factory's energetic Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji , the fierce but ambitious second uncle, the arrogant and unscrupulous but undecided three Uncle, has captured the hearts of a large number of votes.

Today, let's focus on the King of the Han Dynasty, Zhu Gaojiao. This king, who almost changed the history of the Ming Dynasty, repeatedly saved Zhu Qi from danger. What kind of personality charm does he have behind his own use?


I. Strong personality, advocating force

Zhu Gaojiu is Zhu Xi's second son. Compared with Zhu Gaoji, who is plump and inconvenient, Zhu Xi is more optimistic about Zhu Gaoji, who is physically strong and brave. It must be emphasized that if Zhu Gaochi was not two years older than Zhu Gaojiu, Zhu Gaojiu was destined to be the fourth emperor of the Daming Dynasty.

In the later years of Ming Taizu, he ordered the four kings of the early canon to enter Beijing to meet, and at the same time, Zhu Yuanzhang, who had gone through vicissitudes, was also watching Wang Sun's words and deeds secretly.

Perhaps because of growing up in the frontier territory since childhood, Zhu Gaoyu has a headache for dense sage books, but he is quite interested in swords and swords . Young Zhu Gaoyu is so stubborn that he can't help but feel disgusted and disgusted with Zhu Yuanzhang, who intends to enjoy the joy of heaven. .


Grandfather Zhu Yuanzhang hated Zhu Gaojin a hundred times, but his father Zhu Xi showed extra pity and affection for Zhu Gaojiao, because in Zhu Gaojiao's aggressive eyes, Zhu Xi always saw the shadow of his youth in the past.

In 1398, Emperor Ming Taizu died in Nanjing City, and Zhu Gaochi entered the pilgrimage to see Emperor Jianwen as the son of King Yan, and came along with the breathtaking Zhu Gaoyu.

As Zhu Gaojiong acted rudely in the dynasty, helpless Xu Xuzu reminded him kindly. As a result, Zhu Gaoxiu hatefully stole Xu Huizu's beloved BMW, killing innocent civilians along the way, causing people's livelihood in the Yellow River area to complain.

Many local officials handed gifts to Yingtianfu , and Beijing officials loudly rebuked Zhu Gaozhen for his evil deeds and accused the King of Zhu Yan of the Yan Dynasty for being indifferent, but even though Zhu Gaozhen was not a shallow pit father, Zhu Xi still indulged in Zhu Gaoxi.


Second, the father and son soldiers battle, the son often ill

In 1399, King Zhu Yan of the Swallow sworn in soldiers and ordered his son Zhu Gaochi, who was suffering from dysentery, to guard the city of Beijing, and his second son Zhu Gaoji accompanied his army to the army.

I have to say that Zhu Gaojiu is talented in leading soldiers. He has led elite cavalry to attack the southern army many times, causing Jianwen's southern army to be greatly injured. It can be described as a good hand to charge.

During the four-year battle of Jingnan, the king of Yan Zhu Zhu was put in danger several times. The black army of hundreds of thousands of southern troops was about to surround the outnumbered Yan army. At the very beginning, Zhu Gaojiu led an elite sergeant. Xi was breaking Zhuhai and rescued Zhu Xi with his eyes closed.

Looking at Zhu Gaojiu, who was covered in blood, Zhu Xi faintly moved. At this moment, he slapped Zhu Gaojiao's back and said an intriguing sentence: "Work hard, Shizi often gets sick."


It is self-evident that Zhu Xi wants to transfer the throne / throne inheritance to Zhu Gaoyu. After listening to the encouragement sent from his heart, Zhu Gaoyu killed his enemies even more bravely, until the end of the battle of Jingnan, Zhu Xi riding a high-headed horse to lead Yan The army entered Nanjing City.

After Zhu Xi ascended the throne, he repeatedly praised Zhu Gaoyu's merits, saying that among these sons, Zhu Gaoyu was most like himself, and Zhu Gaochi, who had to support him while walking, treated him coldly.

In the matter of standing the reserve, the princeling party and the Hanwang party fought red and red, and Zhu Xi was also erratic. I felt that Zhu Gaozhen had made great contributions, and he himself had made promises during the battle of hardship.

Of course, due to political considerations and reconciliation, a "good holy grandson", Zhu Xi changed his indecisive thoughts and set Zhu Gaochi as the prince, which also made Zhu Gaohu, a proud man, dissatisfied.

At first Zhu Rong wanted to send Zhu Gaoyu to Yunnan, but Zhu Gaoyu vowed not to die. He insisted on staying in Nanjing city. Later, with his keen insight, Zhu Gao realized that Zhu Gaoyu had other thoughts and forced Zhu Gaoyu to be sealed in Shandong.

Perhaps because of his outstanding achievements in his early years, Zhu Gaoyu always felt that Zhu Xi owed himself a subconscious consciousness. When Zhu Gao heard that Zhu Gaoyu had done countless things that harmed the people, he was so angry that he threatened to dispose of Zhu Gaoyu.

It was the elder brother who looked down on him and begged his father to let go of the second brother. This brotherly love that was so precious in Zhu Gaochi's eyes was worthless in Zhu Gao's eyes.


3. Corruption and lawlessness finally caused trouble, and uncles and nephews maimed blood relatives

If Zhu Gaoyu is likened to a strong horse, Zhu Xi is pumping with a whip, Zhu Gaochi is feeding with grass, then nephew Zhu Zhanji is holding up a knife.

During the royal sacrifice to the ancestors, Zhu Gaozhen laughed at Zhu Gaochi's support: "Front generations fall, and later generations will be alerted." Zhu Zanji, the younger one, replied without change: "More posteriors will be aware of the police." The confrontation between Ji and the second uncle Zhu Gaojiao began silently. But in the end, this majestic emperor's grandson, relying on his ability to ingeniously, easily defeated Zhu Gaoxi, a military experienced, and successfully placed Zhu Gaoji, who was plotting a rebellion, under house arrest.

In 1426, Zhu Gaozong, a self-proclaimed leader, compared himself to Emperor Taizong Li Shimin in an attempt to launch a turmoil of the nature of " Xuanwumen ". The most ridiculous thing is that at first Zhu Gaozhen wanted to win over the British public Zhang Fu, and after drawing a big cake in a hurry, Zhang Fu handed a letter to the table of Zhu Zhanji of Ming Xuanzong. Even the prince who kept the filial piety in his hometown in Shandong trot all the way to the capital, carrying the blood of loyalty and loyalty to the patriotic monarch, lingered on the chapel, and tried to force Chen Zhu Gao's scheme to be wrong .


At first, Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji couldn't bear the disability of his uncle and nephew, and sent a trusted letter eunuch Hou Tai to convey the letter to Zhu Gaojiu, expressing the hope that Zhu Gaojiu would not do anything.

However, Zhu Gaojie, who despised everything, refused, and mocked Zhu Zhanji, who was the emperor of the Ming dynasty , and finally issued an order against the Han rebels.

The mighty Ming army camped and settled, and it really surrounded the outnumbered rebels. Even the rebels in the city had a faint intention to fight against the enemy. They even wanted to capture Zhu Gaojiao and surrender.

Helpless, Zhu Gaojiao didn't want to be sent to his nephew in a big way. He just ran out of the city gate by himself and thanked Zhu Zhanji, who was sitting in the dragon's hoe.

North Korea ’s unanimous opinion on Zhu Gaoyu was execution, but after all, he was the brother of his father and mother, his own uncle, and Zhu Zhanji released Zhu Gaochi, and adopted what his grandfather Zhu Xi wanted to do in the past. , Imprisoned within the imperial city.


Later, when Zhu Zhanji went to visit Zhu Gaojin with good intentions, I didn't know whether Zhu Gaojiu had a brain drain or he didn't want to live, but he stretched his legs and tripped Zhu Zhanji. This time it can be considered a horse honeycomb, cut off the relationship left in Zhu Zhanji's heart, he angrily ordered someone to bring a big copper cylinder, and fast-tracked Zhu Gaojiao.

In the end, it is a generation of famous players . Zhu Gaojiu was unwilling to be trapped in the tank like this. He lifted up the copper cylinder in a hard effort, which was undoubtedly a provocative act against the dragon scales, turning his face green and white for a while. Zhu Zhanji was so angry. In the end, Zhu Zhanji came up with an extremely cruel method, which was to put charcoal around the copper cylinder, and torture Kong Wu's powerful Zhu Gaoyu to death.

What kind of person is Han Gaozhu?

In Zhu Gaojiu's forty-seven years of his life, he was the master of Gonggao, and he was the arrogant and arrogant .

From the perspective of our modern people, Zhu Gaojiao is an out-of-the-box bear child, and his dad likes to be mischievous, so that, even when he was an adult, Zhu Gaojiao still fell into a deep self-centered idealism .

What can't be ignored is that Zhu Gaiann was in the face of Zhu Gaozong's military merits and innocently killed Zhu Gaozao's indiscriminate killings. Zhu Gaochi looked at his mother and his compatriots, and tolerated and appeased Zhu Gaozao.


But Zhu Zhanji couldn't. He was used to the uncle Zhu Gaoxi's unruly and unreasonable since he was a child. Even if he became emperor, he adopted a tolerant attitude towards the second uncle, and could not stop the second uncle from dreaming of becoming an emperor. heart.

This is Zhu Xi ’s sorrow, but also Zhu Gaochi ’s sorrow, and even Zhu Gao ’s sorrow. Once the world has given way to itself, as if it has won the world, this is probably the best sentence to sum up Zhu Gao ’s.

In the Tai Temple of the Ming Dynasty, there was no place for Zhu Gaoyu. In " History of the Ming Dynasty ", Zhu Gaoyu also appeared as a arrogant figure. I don't know if Zhu Gaoyu knew it, what should he think?

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