King Luo Bin's most famous work! Not "Wing Geese" arrived in the army!

Today's interesting history editor brings you "the world's first obituary", interested readers can follow the editor to take a look.

When we were young, we must have learned the Tang poem "Yong Ge", and it must be because of it that he knew King Luo Bin .

In fact, King Luo Bin has many legends, not just the story of a child prodigy. "Ying Ge" is just his seven-year-old work, which expresses the childlike innocence of children.

King Luo Bin's more important and well-known work is still the magnificent scripture— "Discussing the Martial Arts for Xu Jingye", which was later called the first scripture in the world. It's better to be ashamed, a piece of paper is worse than thousands of horses .


"Famous High-ranking World After the Earthquake and the Battle of the Yun River and the Lake Kings"

Tang Xu Jingye started to conquer Wu Zetian. King Luo Bin wrote an article "Discussing Wu Xi" for Xu Jingye. The count of Wu Zetian's guilt was spread all over the world.

Wu Zetian was shocked after reading this article and was busy asking who wrote it. Left and right answered that it was King Luo Bin. Wu Zetian sighed: "It is really the fault of the prime minister that such talents are not needed."

Soon, Xu Jingye was defeated, and King Luo Bin was dead.

Later, Song Zhiwen was demoted, passed the Qiantang River, and played at Lingyin Temple . He chanted on the promenade late at night: "Yu Ling is drenched, and Dragon Palace is lonely."

He was thinking hard and couldn't write the second line.

It happened that an old monk was meditating under the lamp. When he saw Song Zhi asked, he asked: "Why don't young people sleep?" Song Zhi asked truthfully, and the monk laughed: "Why don't you write 'Lou Guan Cang Hai Ri, The door to Zhejiang Chao '? "

Song Zhiwen suddenly realized that he finished the whole article smoothly.

The monk's association is the key to the whole poem.

After dawn, Song Zhi asked to thank the old monk, but he couldn't find it anymore.

It turned out that this monk was King Luo Bin.

He is said to have traveled to the sea again.

[Luo Binwang] (about 638 —?) Yizhou (now Zhejiang). When Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, he served as a prince. Degraded for some reason to Linhai. With Xu Jingye, he started to oppose Wu Zetian and wrote "Discussing Martial Arts". Poems and Wang Bo , Yang Jiong and Lu Zhaolin are named as " Four Great Heroes of the Early Tang Dynasty ". There are ten volumes of " Luo Linhai Collection".

——Selected from "Interesting Souls of the Thousand Miles: The Complete Collection of Funny Stories of Chinese Literati"


"Discussing Martial Arts for Xu Jingye"

The pseudo-Lin Dynasty Wu's, non-sexual nature, the ground is cold.

Xi Chong Taizong went to Chen and once served as a dresser.

Almost the evening, the messy Spring Palace.

Hidden first emperor's selfishness, Yintu backyard concubine.

I'm jealous when I get started, and the eyebrows are unwilling to let people go;

After practicing Yuan Yu in Zhai, trapped my jun in Ju. With the tadpoles as the heart, the wolves are of a natural nature, they are close-knit and wicked, they mutilate loyalty, kill their sisters and slaughter brothers, and princes and sister-in-laws.

The envy of man and god is incompatible with the place of heaven and earth.

Jufu hides the evil heart, peeping at the artifact.

The prince's beloved son is quiet in another palace; the thief's confederacy entrusts him with a heavy task.

Woohoo! Huo Zimeng 's inaction, Zhu Xuhou's death.

Yan pecks the emperor's grandson, knowing that the Han dynasty will end; the emperor Long dynasty knows the decline of Xia Ting.

Dedicated Emperor Tang Tang, Gong Hou Tzu Zi.

Feng Xianjun's career, the graciousness of the Dutch.

Song Weizi 's sadness is good and good; Yuan Junshan's runny nose is vain!

It was with anger that Zhi'an shuddered.

Because of the disappointment of the world, Shunyu pushed his heart, raised the banner of righteousness, and swore the evil.

It connects Baiyue in the south and Sanhe in the north.

Hailing red millet, the accumulation of warehousing; Jiangpu yellow flag, how far is Kuang Fu's contribution?

The voice of the class moved and the north wind rose, and the sword gas rushed to Nan Doping.

喑 则 is the mountain collapse, 叱咤 is the discoloration.

Use this to control the enemy, why the enemy will not destroy; to attack the city, He Cheng will not be defeated!

Either he is in the public seat, or is a cousin, or is sent to the remarks or ordered by the missionary.

Words are still in your ears.

A piece of soil is still dry, and a six-footer is alone ?

If you can turn misfortunes into blessings, you will be sent to the house of residence, and the king of Qin will be established. There will be no wasteful king.

If he loves the poor city, wanders the road, and takes advantage of the opportunity, he will follow.

Let's see who is in the world today!


Vernacular translation:

The Wu, who illegally controlled the court, was not a gentle and kind man, and he was of humble origin. Ji Ji, who was originally Emperor Taizong, was able to serve because of the opportunity to change clothes.

Later on, Gu Lun often had an ambiguous relationship with Prince Edward (Tang Gaozong Li Zhi ). Concealed the favor that the Emperor once had for her, and sought to gain the status of exclusive favor in the palace.

The concubines and beauties selected in the palace were all jealous of her, and none of them were spared; she was rather coquettish and charming the emperor like a fox.

Finally wearing a gorgeous dress, ascended the throne of the queen, pushing the king to the ugly situation of incest.

Coupled with a serpent-like heart, it is ferocious and sexual, close to adultery, sacrifice loyalty, kill siblings, murder kings, and poison mothers.

Such people are hated by the mortal mortals, and are not allowed by the heavens and the earth.

She also concealed mischief and tried to seize the throne.

The emperor's beloved son was confined in the cold palace; her relative, Dang Yu, was assigned an important post.

Woohoo! A loyal minister like Huo Guang will never be seen again; a powerful clan like Liu Zhang is dead.

With the appearance of the "Yan Pei Huang Sun" ballad, people know that the Han Dynasty 's emperor will be exhausted; the drool of the evil dragon flows in the palace of the emperor, marking the dying of the Hou Dynasty dynasty.

I Xu Jingye is the elder minister of the Tang Dynasty, the eldest son of the nobility of the king, following the instructions left by the emperor and bearing the generous grace of the dynasty.

Song Weizi's sorrow over the destruction of his homeland is indeed for his reasons; isn't it justified to make Tan Wei cry for the loss of Jue Lu?

So I got upset and started a career, in order to stabilize the country of Datang.

In accordance with the disappointment of the world, in line with the aspirations of the whole country, he held up the banner of justice and vowed to eliminate the demon monsters.

From the south to the remote Baiyue, from the north to the Sanhe River in the Central Plains, the iron rides are grouped and the chariots are connected. Hailing's corn has fermented and turned red, and the storage in the warehouse is endless; the flags of the riverside are flying, can the great achievements of the restoration of Datang be distant!

The steed hissed in the north wind, and the breath of the sword rushed towards the stars in the sky.

The roar of the soldiers caused the mountains to collapse and the sky to change color.

Use this to deal with the enemy. What enemy cannot be defeated; if you use this to attack the city, what city cannot be occupied!

You are either the title lords of the country for generations, or the in-laws of the royal family, the generals with heavy responsibility, or the ministers who accepted the orders of the emperor.

Xiandi's voice seems to be still in his ear. How can your loyalty be forgotten?

The tomb of the emperor has not yet dried up, but our young master does not know where he has been degraded!

If the current calamity can be transformed into welfare, the dead old master and the present emperor will be well served to jointly build the merit of saving the royal family, so as not to abandon the legacy of the emperor. The Yellow River is as strong as it is.

If we are obsessed with the current vested interests, hesitate at critical moments, and fail to see the early signs, we will definitely incur severe punishment.

Please see the world today, which one is the world.

Promulgate this scripture to the states and counties for everyone to know.

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