Who wrote "Spring Moon Flower Night"? With this, Zhang Ruoxu established the position of poetry!

Today, the interesting history editor brings you the analysis of "Spring River Moonlight Night "? Interested readers can follow the editor to take a look.

Zhang Ruoxu was a poet at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. Like Chen Ziang , he was also a budding poet who appeared on the poem scene after Wu Zetian , which had a very important influence on the development of Tang poetry.

There are very few records about him in history, only about the period when he was able to deduce his activities, but he did not even know the year of his birth and death. He was mentioned in the " Old Tang Book · He Zhizhang Biography", which contains a total of six words, "Bing Cao" said that he had been a Chenzhou Bing Cao. "Bing Cao" is the abbreviation of "Bing Cao participating in the army. " He was in charge of military defense and post office in the prefecture of the Tang Dynasty . He was a small official.

"Tang Poems" wrote 20 more words, but they were still poor: " Zhang Ruoxu , Yangzhou people, Chenzhou Bingcao. He Zhizhang, Zhang Xu , Bao Rong , Wu Shisi, two poems," said he was "Wu One of the "Second Four Scholars", as for the others, has no detailed records.


Zhang Ruoxu is a relatively rare situation in history. There are only two poems in his poems, but they have been constantly mentioned by future generations. Even when speaking about Tang poets, he always quietly occupied a place. Yes, just These two poems. In fact, it can be said to be a song.

"Lone article covers the whole Tang", this is the highest evaluation of "Chunjiang Huayue Ye" to future generations. This one is enough for him to live forever , and it can be seen how popular the public is for his poem.

In the Tang Dynasty, Zhang Ruoxu was low-key. Although he was on par with He Zhizhang and others, he still seemed to be the most unsuccessful. Maybe it was the loss of hard work in writing poetry. In the era of Tang Dynasty ’s masters, Zhang Ruoxu Really inconspicuous. But from another perspective, he only stood out with a song "Spring River Moonlight Night", which also shows his excellence.


However, the facts always deviate from the reality. There are many sea relics in history that were discovered only by later generations. The praise received by Zhang Ruoxu was not started in the Tang Dynasty. In fact, "Chunjiang Huayue Night" was not valued in the Tang Dynasty. It was not until the Ming Dynasty that his solitary piece broke out with amazing fortune and began to become real. Peerless treasure .

During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Li Panlong, the leader of the "last seven sons", discovered "The Spring Moon Flower Moon Night" from the vast works when editing "Ancient and Modern Poems", and Li Panlong loved it and included it. Many important Tang poems have also recorded this poem.

From this point, Li Panlong can be described as Zhang Ruoxu's Bole. Therefore, "Chunjiang Huayue Night" has ushered in a turning point. After being continuously recognized and appreciated, it even has "a lonely story, for everyone." "Comments.


Zhang Ruoxu ’s status in the poetry has been unprecedentedly improved. Now we look at the meaning of “everyone” as if it is very ordinary or even tacky, but in literature, the status of “everyone” is quite high, as opposed to “famous”. What can be called "everyone" in history are those with very outstanding talents and far-reaching influences. It is unprecedented to rely on a poem to be "everyone".

The following is the full poem of Spring Moon Flower Night:

The tidal water of the Chunjiang River is connected to the sea level, and the sea and the moon are tidal. 滟 滟 With thousands of miles, where there is no moonlight on the Chunjiang River! The river flows around Fangdian, and the moonlight flowers and trees are like a magpie; Jiang Tian is all fiber- free, and the moon is lonely in the air. Who is on the river seeing the moon for the first time? Who is the first person to see the moon at the beginning of the river? Life has been endless for generations, and Jiang Yue looks similar every year. I don't know who Jiang Yue stays with, but see the Yangtze River flowing. Baiyun went leisurely, and Qingfengpu was anxious. Whose flat boat is tonight? Where is the Acacia Mingyuelou? Poor upstairs, wandering upstairs, should be off the mirror. The tambourine curtain could not be rolled, and it was returned from the anvil. At this time, I do n’t know each other, and I am willing to shine with you every month. Hongyan's long flight is not enough, and the fish and dragon dive into the water. Last night, Xiantan dream came to an end, and poor spring half did not return home. The river flows in the spring, and the river falls to the west. The oblique moon sinks into the mist of the sea, and Xiaoshi Xiangxiang infinite road. I do not know how many people return by the moon, and the moon is full of love.

Presumably, the Jiangnan scholar Zhang Ruoxu, standing more than a thousand years ago, has stood on the side of the Yangtze River countless times, watching a solitary moon hanging on the river. The moonlight is bright and stirs up the vast mind in his heart.


"Chunjiang Huayue Night" is a long-form song, using the old Yuefu title. Let me say that in the early Tang Dynasty, the influence of the poetry style of the Southern Dynasty was still very strong. Because Tang Taizong liked it, the gorgeous court poems became the focus at one time. .

But Zhang Ruoxu's "Chunjiang Huayueye" cannot be simply called a palace poem. Zhang Ruoxu has given it a new content, combining painting, poetry, and the insight into the mysteries of the universe and philosophy of life, creating The unique and exquisite poetic realm of him.


Li Zehou said: "Although sad, I still feel brisk, although sighing, always light." This poem is suitable for careful reading, repeated reading, you can feel the kind of quiet and tranquil scene of Chunjiang Huayueye described in the poem, "Month" is an important role in the poem. It is like a bond that runs through the whole poem. The author's emotions and the images he expresses also go up and down as the moon rises and falls.

The poem is not only about the lingering feelings of parting and acacia of women, but also a kind of utterly cosmic consciousness. Zhang Ruoxu's thoughts on cosmic life are integrated into it, presenting us a wonderful and charming art world.

"Chuanhua Huayue Night" also has a strong and obvious perception. It has a clear language, delicate strokes, and fluent and gentle tone. Wen Yiduo also expressed great appreciation. He called it "the poem in the poem, the pinnacle of the peak." . "


"Chunjiang Huayue Night" and Zhang Ruoxu, these two words are closely linked. When you mention Zhang Ruoxu, you will think of "Chunjiang Huayue Night", and when you mention "Chunjiang Huayue Night", you will also think of Zhang Ruoxu, like "Chunjiang Huayue Night" Become the original of Zhang Ruoxu. In fact, "Chunjiang Huayue Night" was originally a long-form song, belonging to the old title of Yuefu's "Qing Shang Qu Qu · Wu Sheng Song", it was not created by Zhang Ruoxu.

Du Mu Zeng Yun: "The merchant girl doesn't know the hatred of the country, she still sings" The Backyard Flower "across the river." The "Backyard Flower" here is the Qing Shangqu created by Chen Houchen Chen Shubao- "Yushu Backyard Flower", it It is the same type of tune as "Chunjiang Flower Moon Night".


"Yushu Backyard Flowers" is the voice of the dead country, and is also sung by the liquor house tavern. "The face of the demon girl is like a flower with dew, and the Yushu stream shines in the backyard; The tune is soul-stirring, soft and gentle.

Strictly speaking, Zhang Ruoxu's "Chunjiang Huayueye" still has a relationship with the poems of the palace, but in a sense, it is already a poem that has completely escaped the palace. Zhang Ruoxu swept the six dynasties with clear strokes Extravagant writing style can also be regarded as a new originality.

What is rare is Zhang Ruoxu's poems. As for the concept of time and space in the universe, "Who on the river bank first saw the moon? When did the river moon shine at the beginning of his life? Jiang Yue has endless generations, and Jiang Yue is only similar every year."

Zhang Ruoxu's eternal understanding of the universe can be seen as his breakthrough of ordinary vulgar barriers. He calmly and solemnly and deeply entered a quiet and vast world, with a short period of induction, endless envy, and the greatness of eternity.


Today people do not see the ancient days and moons, this month once according to the ancients. The Jiangnan scholar who we ca n’t understand his life in the history books, I do n’t know what he felt, firmed, and missed when he was standing by the river and watching the moon, we read “Spring River Moonlight Night” many times, we Can't really empathize with him.

But his lingering sensations seem to be subtly conveyed to our hearts through this "Spring River Moonlight Night". His round of "solitary moon" is now also infiltrated with all things, and conveys to the world coldly and coldly. Kind of message.

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