Top Ten Three Kingdoms


the river is long and tempestuous, it was like a hero. Success or failure turns empty. Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns. The white-haired fisherman dwells on the river and looks at the autumn wind and spring breeze . A pot of muddy wine meets with joy. Many things, ancient and modern, are being laughed at. Anyone who likes the characters of the Three Kingdoms and is a little older may know this poem: Yi Lu Er Ma San Dian Wei , Si Guan Wu Zhao Liu Zhang Fei , Huang Xu Sun Tai Two Summer Hou, Two Xu Panggan Zhou Wei, Gun God Zhang Xiu He Wenyan, although brave and helpless, was too sad, twenty-four generals from the Three Kingdoms, playing Deng Ai and Jiang Wei . In thousands of years of folk legends about the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu and Ma Chao still enjoyed the highest fame. Martial arts can be described as Lu Bu and Ma Chao. The older generation's understanding of the Three Kingdoms was basically passed through the folk for hundreds of years Through the speeches of the storyteller and the intermittent form of story with the older man of the older generation, he accepted and formed the various images of the characters of the Three Kingdoms in his mind.

Top Ten Three Kingdoms

Top Ten Three Kingdoms-the highest level of actual combat in the Three Kingdoms period


Lu Bu, the word Fengxian, is from Wuyuan (now Baotou, Inner Mongolia). Known for its bravery and martial arts, it has made a branch of Fangtian to paint halberds and superb arrows, known as "the parachutist ", the best military general in the Three Kingdoms era. Lu Buyuan was the righteous son of Ding Yuan, the assassin of Bingzhou. When Dong Zhuo was a soldier of the capital, Dong Zhuo wanted to kill Ding Yuan but did not dare to do it. Because he was afraid of Ding Yuan Yoshiko Lu Bu, he invited his counselor Li Su to lobby. Li Su praised Lu Buyongwu. The world is famous. If you only follow Ding Yuan, you will be buried for life. If you follow Dong Zhuo, when Feng Hou pays admiral, the scenery is infinite, Lu Bu starts to refuse, saying that Ding Yuan is not thin to himself, but when Li Su came, he brought Dong Zhuo's own horse, this horse can be said to be the first horse in the Three Kingdoms-Chitu Ma, Lu Bu overjoyed . For a general, the most precious thing is the sword and horse. Lu Bu saw Dong Zhuo treating himself well, so after killing Ding Yuan, he turned to Dong Zhuo as his righteous son.

Later, Dong Zhuo's ambition was revealed. Situ Wang Yun used the design to let Lu Bu kill Dong Zhuo, and Lu Bu betrayed his protagonist again. Wang Yun first offered Diao Chan to Lu Bu, but deliberately banqueted Dong Zhuo, dedicated Diao Chan to Dong Zhuo, and then provoked the relationship between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. Lu Bu rushed to the crown and killed Dong Zhuo, and got the beautiful Diao Chan.

After Dong Zhuo's death, Lu Bu himself led the army, and he could dominate the world, but he could not trust Chen Gong , his counselor, and was eventually captured by Cao Cao in AD 98. Lu Bu had a courageous life, capriciousness, short-lived heroes, and long- cherished children . After reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms , after reading most of them, the deepest impression on Lu Bu is probably the "three family surnames" said by the Yanzhang Zhang Yide. Being brave and fighting fiercely is purely a martial arts man, and he is humiliated and does not speak. Morality is fickle and unconscionable, but from the point of view of military force, Lu Bu is definitely the deserved first general of the Three Kingdoms. He will capture the flag as soon as he passes through the prison. Five rounds of Hebei famous Fang Yue under the horse, a combination of Mu Shun, more than ten combined, defeated the first-class famous player Xiahou Dun, several second-level famous general Le Jin , Yu Jin teamed up, even if Zhang Fei, more than fifty combined Guan Yu entered the battle, and teamed together for more than thirty years and tied again, until Liu Bei entered the battle, the three British forces fought against Lu Bu, Fang Yinbing retreated, but the same was not hurt! And Cao Cao even dispatched Dian Wei, Xu Zheng, Xiahou Six generals, Dun, Xia Houyuan , Lejin, and Li Dian fought with them. Among them, Dian Wei and Xu Chu are no less superior than Guan Zhang.

"Lu Bu among men, red rabbits among horses", "Yanmen shoots halberds, and Liyang Fenwei" all show his skill and skill. His territory was fought, his prestige was fought, and he fought all over the world. He became a lord of the hegemony by virtue of this martial art. He also became one of the most charming figures in the Three Kingdoms Warriors with his invincible skills. [Detailed introduction ... ]

Zhao Yun

Changshan Zhao Zilong can be said to be the most popular character popular among the Three Kingdoms fans. Wen Tao Wu Lue, courageous and courageous, General Zhao is the best choice. As a tiger general, he is perfect. In the battle of Changbanpo, Zhao Zilong crossed the tens of thousands of troops in Cao Ying, and came and went freely, beheading and killing more than 50 generals of Cao Jun, but he retreated without injuries. Although Cao Cao ordered that archery was not allowed in the middle of the battle, he was an enemy. Man! One person and one ride in the army and horses, and if you enter the realm of no one, who can be the three kingdoms except Zilong? On the charge and defensive ability of the three kingdoms!

However, whether in the Three Kingdoms or in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhao Yun could not be reused. Zhao Yun was one of only twelve ministers to be awarded the knighthood in Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms Period, but he is far less famous than the other eleven ministers. Why is the seniority inferior to the others? Let us Explore and evaluate his life from a historical perspective.

1 Zhao Yun was originally a subordinate of Fenwu General Gong Sun Xun. When Gong Sun Xun sent Zhao Yun to assist Liu Bei, Liu Bei liked him very much and persuaded Zhao Yun to obey himself. Unfortunately, at the time, Liu Bei was too weak, and Zhao Yun didn't dare to agree. When Gongsun Yun was destroyed, there was nowhere else to go, he could only fall into the grass, and later met Liu Bei, that is, Shun Liu Bei. But at this time, he relied on Liu Bei, and his trust had been discounted. This also laid the blame for his inability to reuse in Liu Bei's time. Liu Bei was promoted to the plains in Qingzhou due to military achievements. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were Sima of other departments and divided the army, but Zhao Yun did not see a reward. In the three years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (198 AD), Sikong Cao Cao recommended Liu Bei as General Zuo, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as Zhonglang Generals, but also Zhao Yun, which shows that Zhao Yun is not the most important thing. It is said that at this time Liu Bei's northward battle, Rong Maji, and Zhao Yun could not have the opportunity to be rewarded. Then the only explanation is that Zhao Yun's position as the main rider is not engaged in charge, but as Liu Bei's chief of guard to protect Liu Bei's safety. .

In the spring of the six years of Jianxing (AD 228), Zhuge Liang went to the Northern Wei Dynasty and sent Zhao Yun and Deng Zhi as suspects. He defended Luya and defended Cao Zhen. He himself led the main attack on Qishan, and the three counties in Longyou responded to Zhuge Liang. . Zhuge Liang guarded the street pavilion with a horse . The stables were deployed incorrectly, and instead of guarding the street pavilion, they were based on mountains. Zhang Jian severed its watercourse, and the Shu Army suffered from a shortage of water and was defeated by Zhang Jian. However, Zhao Yun and Deng Zhi were unaware of the alert and lost their superior forces when Kariya and Cao Zhen confronted each other, burning down the cabinet road north of Chiya oblique road and forcing Wei Jun to stop pursuit. Zhao Yun's only time leading a soldier alone ended in failure. In the seven years of Jianxing (AD 229), General Zhendong Zhao Yun died. Throughout his life, his performance is very ordinary and ordinary. Even later, five generals, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Pang Tong , and Huang Zhong , were pursued, but Zhao Yun was not. Shi Chaoye public opinion held that Zhao Yun had rescued Liu Chan and should be conferred, and finally became the last conferred minister among the twelve ministers. [Detailed introduction ... ]

Ma Chao

Ma Chao, from the word Mengqi, is a native of Shaanxi Province, born in a strong family in Liangzhou. The Five Generals of the Shu Kingdom ranked fourth. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, he fought with his father Ma Teng and served as General Pian An and Feng Duting. Ma Chao is a family member, but he has developed a good martial art since childhood. When he was young, he killed Dong Zhuoyu's party Li Meng and Wang Fang. After his father, Ma Teng, was killed by Cao Cao, he led a soldier to take revenge on his father. In the sixteenth year of Jian'an (211 AD), he attacked Cao Cao and fought with Xu Chu in Tongguan. He was defeated by Cao Cao with anti-planners, fled back to Liangzhou, and was killed by Yang Fu and other people. Later, he returned to Liu Bei and made great achievements when he captured Chengdu. With a spear, he has the good name of General Shenwei and is a famous general in the Three Kingdoms period. More than brave, not enough. After illness and death.

Once defeated eight or nine in the ban, Zhangye defeated twenty, Xu Chu in three battles: fighting against tiger idiots; five combatants, Li Kan, Liang Xing, Ma Wan, and Yang Qiu, cut horses and chopped down. Liang Xing; eight rivals Yang Fu brothers, seven brothers killed Fu, five shots in the body; Zhang Fei in the third battle with a returning horse hammer, slightly superior. The two battles with Xu Yan and Zhang Fei reached his peak. Zhuge Liang once said: Ma Chao's courage is well-known in the world. Clouds are long and may not win.

Ma Chao and Cao Cao. Ma Chao and Han Sui started their troops, Cao Cao went to counterinsurgency, but almost every battle ended in failure. The Ma Chao Army was a very unique army at the time. As the general of Xiliang, Lu Bu used cavalry to cross the world. No one could match, but Ma Chao was an infantry-oriented cavalry cavalry. Why did Ma Chao still lose? Cao Cao wrote a letter to Ma Chao's ally Han Sui, but he deliberately altered important parts when he wrote the letter. After seeing Cao Cao's letter, he thought it was Han. He then altered the letter, so he no longer trusted Han Sui, and Han Sui betrayed Ma Chao under Cao Cao's provocation. Ma Chao was defeated due to civil unrest.

Ma Chao entered Shu. Ma Chao is the fourth general of the Five Tigers of the Shu Kingdom, but in fact it is not reused in the Shu Kingdom. After Ma Chao defected to Liu Bei, he helped Liu Beibei take Hanzhong. At that time, Liu Bei rewarded him a lot. Liu Bei took down Hanzhong and hung him up, because as a generation of magpie Liu Bei, why wouldn't it be clear who can really trust, and who has only part of the value of use? Hanzhong still needs to be stable, but to connect with others On Tulong, that is the future schedule. Now people like Ma Chao just need to confess, it is better not to bring him heavy soldiers. Ma Chao ended up depressed, aged 47. [Detailed introduction ... ]

许褚 Dian Weixu

Dian Wei, Chen Liuren. Cao Cao famous general. Make a pair of halberds brave. When Cao Cao and Zhang Xiu were at war, Dian Wei was stationed at Cao Cao Dazhai, struggling to meet the enemy, and eventually died because of the theft of the halberd and the siege. In this battle, Cao Cao's eldest son and nephew also died. Afterwards, Cao Cao sacrificed himself, crying. He said to the generals, "I have no deep pain when I am the eldest son and I love my nephew; I am also the only one to cry!"

Xu Chu, a famous Wei national in the Three Kingdoms. The word Zhongkang. During Cao Cao Wancheng's battle against Zhang Xiu, he was awarded Guan Neihou for his repeated military achievements. Later, he fought with Ma Chao at Tongguan and became famous. Known for its bravery, the military nickname "Tiger Chi". When Cao Yong became the emperor, Feng Wansui Tinghou was promoted to General Wu Wei, and the governor of the Chinese army banned soldiers. After Cao Rui took office, Xu Feng was named Mou Fenhou. After Xu Chu died of illness, he was posthumously donated as a hero.

They are recognized by many readers in the book, the only one that can rival Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. They are not good at leading soldiers to fight, but they are born with divine power and bravery, so that readers have a strong interest in them. Dian Wei's 80-kilogram large iron halberd made the enemy frightened! The five-step flying halberd killing the chaser can see his deep martial arts, and the one-handed holding of the flag can also see its majestic power. The battle of Wancheng became extremely tragic because of Dian Wei's bloody battle. The image of Dian Wei, who uses two soldiers as weapons in his hands, is almost one of the most classic pictures in the Three Kingdoms. After Dian Wei died, no one dared to walk in front of him. What a tiger!

Xu Xun's ability to drag the bull, was also a rare strong man, and also Cao Cao's close guard after Dian Wei's death. The naked-fighting horse-fighting horse gave Xu Xun the name of a "tiger idiot". In the book, there was a great opportunity for Xu Zheng and Zhang Fei to confront each other. However, Hu Hu was obsessed with the words, "I have the courage to be overwhelmed , who can approach me?" As a result, I drank a few more cups of yellow soup at night and was dizzy . Zhang Fei struck Malay with a spear. It is a great pity to fail to see these two tigers fighting brilliantly ! [Detailed introduction ... ]

Wei Yan

Wei Yan is a famous Shu nationality. Zi Wenchang is from Yiyang (now Tongbai, Henan Province). When Guan Yu attacked Changsha, Wei Yan killed the Lord Xiancheng, followed by Liu Bei into Sichuan, and achieved great success along the way. General Zhenyuan, Hanshou eunuch. Following Zhuge Liang's pacification of the Nanban, he split the general Cao Wei and Wang Shuang in Chen Cangli, and was promoted to the general of the West. After Zhuge Liang's death, he fought for military power with Chang Shi Yang Yi and was killed by a horse arranged by Zhuge Liang during his lifetime. Good at using a big knife , proficient in knives . Looking at "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", the most dissatisfied with Zhuge Liang is his prejudice against Wei Yan. Whether he met Wei Yan for the first time, said that Wei Yan was in the back of his head, or that Zhu Geliang thought that Wei Yan would be reversed after his death, so he arranged for Ma Yan to kill Wei Yan with a plan, which seriously undermined Zhu Geliang's reputation throughout his life.

With the increasing age and experience, and with the gradual understanding of the meaning of life, after repeatedly reading the passages and details about Wei Yan in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the Three Kingdoms, this feeling of unevenness became stronger and stronger. In front of my eyes, it seems that the Shu Shu famous person in the book with 'faces such as heavy jujube, eyes, starry eyes, five-headed long beard, majestic style, sword and horse, and charge front' appears; in my In my heart, I was very upset about the general Zhengxi, who was 'high-minded, arrogant to his colleagues, familiar with military planes, long-time military affairs, diligent in strategy, and good at soldiers'.

As one of the mighty generals of the Shu Kingdom, Wei Yan deserves his credit for the establishment of Liu Beijiangshan. The first appearance of Wei Yan in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" was when Liu Bei and the people crossed the river to defeat Xiangyang. At this moment, Liu Bei could be described as defeated and embarrassed. Wei Yan cut off the gate and opened the city gate to meet Liu Bei under Xiangyang City. Dozens of battles with the well-known generals, and finally the family was killed and left alone in Changsha.

Wei Yan's second appearance was after the Chibi War, when Guan Yu attacked Changsha, but met Huang Zhong, the elder of Changsha, Han Xuan believed that Huang Zhong could not fight Guan Yu for a long time, so he must pass through the enemy, so he decided to kill Huang Zhong. It was Wei Yan who shook his arm with indignation and shouted, " Huang Hansheng is the guarantee of Changsha, killing Hansheng is also killing the people of Changsha", so he pulled up his sword, beheaded Han Xuan, opened the city gate, and greeted Liu Bei's army into Changsha. Unexpectedly, waiting for Mr. Zhuge to arrive, the first thing he ordered was to cut off Wei Yan, the reason being that Wei Yan could not be loyal to his protagonist and was fickle . Seeing this, it really makes people feel unfair to Wei Yan! Is it a wrong move to abandon the incompetent Lord to welcome the coming of Mingjun? Shouldn't it be indifferent to watch the stupid generation cut off the head of the world's famous man?

Fortunately, Liu Bei was the wise master of entrepreneurship. He remembered the past kindness and saved Wei Yan from Mr. Zhuge. Since then, Liu Bei's account has an additional fierce general who can block the east and the west, and Wei Yan has also been able to show his talents under Liu Bei's account. During decades of charge, he repeatedly made extraordinary achievements: Take Xichuan and Huang Zhong together For the vanguard, defeat the famous Shu Shu general; Zhan Dongchuan helped Zhang Fei repeatedly break Cao Bing and shoot Cao Cao to face the door; the retired soldiers crossed Lushui to break Meng and fought for several years, achieving Mr. Zhuge's seven captures and seven verticals ; From Chen Cangzhen Wei will cut Wang Shuangli as the forward, fulfilling the responsibility of pulling mountains and wading first and then back. Finally, a generation of fierce men assisted Ming Jun to complete the king 's career, and Liu Bei, who had no place in the past, took the throne of the king of Shu, the master of the two rivers, and continued the Xiqiao River for more than 60 years in the late Han Dynasty. At the same time, a generation of Mingjun helped the generals succeed in their aspirations, so that Wei Yan, who was a solitary voter at the time, completed his wish to worship Houfeng and raise his eyebrows, and became the general of the South Zheng Hou Hanzhong who was the sole defender in the Han Dynasty. At this point, we can't help but celebrate each other for the complementarity between Liu Bei's wise eyes and Wei Yan's encounter with the master and monarch. [Detailed introduction ... ]

Zhang Liao

Zhang Liao, with the word Wen Yuan, is a native of Mayi, Yanmen (now Shuo County, Shanxi). He first worked for the subordinates of Ding Yuan, and later returned to Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo's death, Zhang Liao led his troops to Lu Bu and served as captain under Lu Bu. Later, Lu Bu was defeated by Cao Cao and Liu Bei in Xiayu, and eventually returned to Cao Cao. Martial arts high strength, courageous and conspiracy, established marvelous work many times. Twenty years after Jian'an (2015 AD), Sun Quan attacked Hefei. He led a team of more than 800 people to defend the city, daring to attack and breaking Wu Jun. When Wu Jun heard Zhang Liao's name, everyone was embarrassed. Even Wu Guo's children cried at night. When he heard the word Zhang Liao, he dared not cry. In the first three years of Emperor Wei Wenhuang (222 years), Cao Yu personally enlisted and cut Wu three ways. Zhang Liao and the generals defeated Soochow general Lu Fanjun, and died of illness in the army.

AD 215 was the most glorious year of Zhang Liao's life. It has been a year since Liu Bei entered the Sichuan River to replace Liu Ye , and the trend of the world in three minutes has gradually become apparent. Cao Cao took down Hanzhong and wanted to go south to sweep Xichuan. At this time, Sun Quan led 100,000 soldiers to attack Hefei, who was guarded by Zhang Liao. As Cao Cao's army mostly sent to the Hanzhong battlefield on the western front, there were only 7,000 soldiers on the eastern front. Or Cao Cao knew that with Zhang Liao's talents, more than 7,000 people were enough to stop Soochow's attack. Sun Quan's 100,000 soldiers could not be killed, Cao Jun's heart suddenly broke down, and morale shook. Zhang Liao decided to surprise Wu Jun before the East Wu camp was stabilized, so as to strengthen his morale, he selected 800 strong soldiers. That night, he immediately entered the unprotected Sun Quan camp, scaring Sun Quan to avoid fighting on the hill. When other military camps from the Soochow came, they surrounded Zhang Liao, and Zhang Liao led his army to kill the siege and return to the front. Although this minor war did little damage to Soochow, Zhang Liao's predecessors aroused Cao Jun's fighting spirit. So Zhang Li Lesan will strengthen the defense to prepare for a protracted war. The Soochow Army besieged Hefei for several days without success, the supply became increasingly difficult, the army's heart began to shake, and Sun Quanye ordered the withdrawal. When the army withdrew from the Yangtze River crossing Xiaoyaojin, Sun Quan convened a military meeting. At this time, Xiaoyaoji had only more than a thousand guards. Sun Quan never expected that Zhang Liao would suddenly assault, and he was killed in a desperate situation, if it was not his generals. Fighting for protection, I'm afraid he won't be able to live in his seventies. Zhang Liao killed Soochow in this battle. "Everyone is afraid. When they heard Zhang Liao's name, children would not dare to cry at night."

In the battle of Xiaoyao Tianjin, Zhang Liao was able to preemptively lead the death squad to raid the enemy army, which won the trust of the army and strengthened the army's morale and courage. Later, under the guise of a protracted battle, the enemy retreated without fighting, and intelligence follow-ups revealed that Sun Quan held a military meeting, boldly sent troops to assault Wu Jun, and fought a big victory, all relying on his ability to use the art of war. Zhang Liao courageously has both, and it is no wonder that in the "Three Kingdoms", he was listed as the first person in the top five of Wei Kingdom. Zhang Liao's courage can be regarded as Cao Cao's first general. Shooting Tai Shici , Megatron Xiaoyaojin, whether solo or alone, he is so outstanding. Speaking of Wu Yong, quote a quote from Guan Yunchang to Zhang Fei: "This person's martial arts are not under you and me." Zhang Liao, like Zhao Yun, is also the most popular character that is now most welcomed by readers. [Detailed introduction ... ]

Huang Zhong

Huang Zhong is the last of the Five Tigers Generals of the Shu Kingdom. The word Han Sheng is from Nanyang. Zhong Lang, who was originally under Liu Biao, will defend Changsha. When Cao Cao went south, he remained loyal to Changsha. When Liu Bei sent Guan Yu to attack Changsha, the city was trapped and Liu Bei was lowered. After Liu Beiping and the four counties in Jingnan, he made progress in Sichuan with him, often playing the vanguard and winning the three armies. Twenty-four years after Jian'an, when Liu Bei took Hanzhong, Huang Zhong defeated Cao Jun General Xia Houyuan in the Dingjun Mountain, defeated Cao Jun, and was named the General of the West. Make a big knife, good archery, hit a hundred shots , although old, but often do not accept the old. Liu Bei was the queen of Hanzhong and worshiped Zhong as the general. In 220 years, Huang Zhong died in Yingzhai at the age of 75.

Huang Zhong ’s extraordinary martial arts can be seen in the confrontation with Guan Yu in more than one hundred. At that time, nearly 70 years old, if the elderly were 20 years younger, Yong Wu did n’t know what? However, Huang Zhong ’s greatest strength, It is the archery of the hundred steps through Yang . General Xia Houyuan was beheaded by him at Dingjun Mountain, enough for Huang Zhong to enjoy the reputation of the first arrow of the Three Kingdoms. [Detailed introduction ... ]

Guan Yu

Guan Yu, Liu Bei's righteous brother, the top five tiger generals. The word cloud is long, the word is long-lived, and Hedongjie (now Lintong Southwest of Shanxi Province) is a native. Fleeing to Ye County due to war. Later, he followed Liu Bei with Zhang Fei. He was famous in the world for beating Huaxiong before Lushui Pass and fighting against Lu Bu before Hulao Pass. Before the battle of Guandu , he was captured and worshiped by Cao Cao as a partial army. He was named Hou Shoutinghou and killed Cao Cao Yan Shao Yan Liang and Wen Chou . After thousands of miles, he rode alone, riding a red rabbit, and took a bite of the blue dragon and the moon sword. After five levels, he cut six generals, and finally returned to Liu Bei. After attacking Cao Ren in Fan City, flooding the Seventh Army, Cao Cao was condemned and will be banned, killing Pound , and let Hua Tuo cure the bones and cure poison. However, because of his pride and defiance of his enemies, he used his own strength, defeated Mai Cheng, and was killed by Sun Quan. He was 58 years old when he died. Life is full of affection, wisdom and bravery, martial arts are absolutely incredible.

Guan Yu is a "Martial Saint". Except for Lu Bu, the single article has not been defeated. Only Zhao Yun can compare this. Judging from the ratio of single enemies in the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu is the most powerful, and Lu Bu can't match it. Seize the ban.

Of course, there is also some moisture here. Guan Yu played in the first battle. Guan Yu played as a pony archer. We can see that Huaxiong did not regard Guan Yu as an opponent at all, but was so killed that Guan Yu was killed. Yan Liangwen died most ugly. Originally, he never lost to Guan Yu according to his strength. It was Guan Yu who fought with his horse and killed his face with a knife. Pound was captured by Zhou Cang from the water, and the six generals are not only famous gangs of county-level officers. Its true playing record is not so spectacular. At the Huoliao Pass, Zhang Feidou and Lu Bu's 50-point match were inconclusive. The old pass went to help, and the 30-way combination was still “fighting Lu Bu”, and finally Liu Bei went up to win. Guan Yu, who had never singled out with Lu Bu before the battle, had a tie with Lao Huangzhong, and Pound fell under the premise that his arm injury had not recovered. The most foul thing is that Ji Ling has played more than 30 times without discrimination, and Ji Ling will not be Yan Liangwen's ugly opponent.

In "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", the author describes three characters with the greatest efforts, namely, we are talking about the treacherous Cao Cao, Zhi Ju Zhu Ge, Yi Ju Guan Yu, Guan Yu's loyalty and vivid description in Luo Guanzhong's pen. For his righteous brother Liu Bei, when he returned to Cao Cao, he made it clear that once he knew the whereabouts of his righteous brother, he would follow his whole life regardless of the miles. Guan Yu wore the green old robe outside and the new brocade robe inside to show that Liu Bei was not forgotten. Later, after passing five levels and cutting six generals, seeking brothers for thousands of miles was even more beautiful than ever. Because of this, Guan Yu was the object of worship of rivers and lakes in the Ming and Qing dynasties and even today. The courts of the past dynasties also paid tribute to Guan Yu. First, he was chased as "Zhuang Miao Hou" by his late master Liu Chan. "In the second year of Daguan (1108), it was" the King of Wu'an ". In the Ming and Wanli years, it was named the throne of" Xietian Protecting the Kingdom and Loyalty Emperor. " Sincere apprehension and praise of Xuandeguan Emperor. " From the confession of later generations, among the ancient characters, only Confucius can compare with Guan Yu. [Detailed introduction ... ]

Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei, brother Liu Beiyi, second in the Five Tigers General. The word wing German, is born in She County (now She County, Hebei Province). When he was young, he worked with Guan Yu Liu Bei. He once confronted Lu Bu with Guan Yu and Liu Bei at Hujiaoguan. Cao Cao conquered Jingzhou, and Liu Bei fought for hundreds of thousands of troops of Cao Cao. The army was defeated. The army chased to the head of Changban Bridge, but saw Zhang Fei only take his own ride with more than 20 riders. "Don't dare to approach." "Fei Nai shouted loudly: 'I am Yan Yan and Zhang Yide! Who dares to fight me to death ?' The sound is like a thunder. Cao Jun heard it, all shuddered .... Zhang Fei opened his eyes and drank: 'Swallow Zhang Yide is here! Who dares to come to a dead battle? No one dares to answer it and screams: "No war, no retreat, no retreat, but why!" The cry continued, and Xia Houjie beside Cao Cao was frightened. It broke and hit the horse. Fuck it and go back to the horse. So the army and all the soldiers will look west and run away together. ”-This is the well-known Cao Jia million soldiers, Zhang Liao, Zhang Ye, Xu Chu and other generals Although he did not dare to come forward, there were some reasons for "being afraid of Zhuge Kongming 's plan." In addition, there were shocks like Zhang Fei's god-seeking momentum. General Zhang San's courage was evident. I remember that " Small Overlord " Sun Ce once drank for a while, but it fell to the horse and broke his head and died. Compared with Zhang Fei, he drunk the soul directly. ——The power of drinking is better than Sri Lanka!

Qi Meng closed the night against Ma Chao, a Zhangba snake spear bravely won the three armies. After Liu Bei entered the river, he worshiped as a general for riding a car and sealed the Xixiang Hou. In 221 AD, he avenged Guan Yu, the second brother, and attacked the Wu with Liu Bei. Before leaving, Fan Jiang and Zhang Da were assassinated by the ministry for flogging soldiers. They were only 55 years old when they died. Zhang Feishi said that fighting God, the more powerful the enemy, the more trembling. Once there were more than 50 fights with Lü Bu Liao Xun, and after another 100 rounds, there was no difference between winning and losing. The fight with the top ten screamed and killed the famous general Ji Ling. The horse was over 220 in a day unbeaten. Just looking at him yelling at the bridge of Dangyang, Xia Houjie was scared to death, and the water was shaking back. Tens of thousands of troops of Cao Cao were bluffed and defeated. Even the golden lion king Xie Xun 's "lion roar" is far too far away! On the basis of force alone, Zhang Fei may not be able to defeat Guan Yu, but if he really fights in the battle, it is difficult to win or lose. Even from the actual battle examples of the two, Zhang Fei's actual combat ability is stronger! [Detailed introduction ... ]


Those who are good at the Three Kingdoms must read at least three times. Those who have read the Three Kingdoms at least three times will inevitably rank the generals among them silently. The benevolent sees benevolence and the wise sees wisdom. It is estimated that one hundred people will have one hundred results. The above is just an inconvenience after reading the Three Kingdoms. Bo Zhujun smiled.

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