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Who will be the five loyal ministers of Xichu? The final outcome of General Xiang Yu
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Take stock of the five loyal ministers of Xichu:

"Liba Mountain is so angry, it ’s unfavorable when it ’s unfavorable. It ’s so bad when you do n’t die, Yu Xi and Yu Xi! How is it?” This is a poem written by Xiang Yu, the king of Western Chu, mourning himself in Chu Han Failure in contention. Xiang Yu blames more of the responsibility on "the annihilation of heaven and earth, the crime of non-war."

In order to prove that "the death of me this day, the crime of non-warfare also." (Overlord) is divided into two teams (twenty-eight) thinking that four teams, four directions. The number of Han army walls is heavy. Xiang Wang said that his ride said: "I will take the other one for the public." Makes riding on all sides, and Shandong is three. So the king shouted, the Han army was invincible, and then he defeated Han. At that time, Chiquan Hou was a riding general, chasing Xiang Wang, and Xiang Wang stunned his eyes. Chiquan Hou was shocked by the horses and horses. There were three places in Piyi and his riding club. The Han Army did not know where King Xiang was, but divided the army into three and encircled it. Xiang Wang Naichi, Fuzhan Han Dudu, killed hundreds of people, reunited his riders, and killed his two riders. It is said that its rider said: "How is it?" The rider said, "Like a king." It is to dismount the horses and walk, and fight with short soldiers. Hundreds of Han soldiers were killed by the singles. (Quoted from " Historical Records : Xiang Yu Benji")

Xiang Yu's courage is undoubtedly recorded in the "Zi Zhi Tong Jian ". For example, when the two armies of Chu and Han confronted each other in Guangwu, the Han army insisted on not fighting, and Xiang Yu sent three generals to fight. There was a sharp shooter from Loufan in the Han Army, so all three Chu generals were shot and killed. Xiang Yu was furious, kissed his armor, and held a halberd, heading for the battle. The annoying archer of the building aimed at Xiang Yu outside the city and was preparing to shoot an arrow. Xiang Yu was so angry that the archer was so frightened that he ran out of panic and ran away, and never dared to fight again. He "evaporated" in the world.

King Xiang was only 31 years old when he died, and the reasons for his West Chu empire's demise were also various, for example: ① The tyrant himself was unwilling to use himself and refused to accept the correct opinion of the minister; ② indiscriminate killing of innocent people lost his heart and he easily Kill the city, kill the soldiers, cook the living people; ③ Not good at employing people is the most important reason. The famous Han Xin can only serve as a "chief fighter" (similar to the guard platoon leader) and a " guerilla warrior" beam. Fisherman of Wang Pengyue's origin has been looked down on by Xiang Yu, and Jiujiang Wang Yingbu was even reprimanded by Xiang Yu. ④Politicalally, Xiang Yu is completely an idiot. He confiscates the clan kings, and continuously makes low-level mistakes on the sub-seals of the kings of Han, Qi, and Jiaodong, and artificially creates contradictions and enemies. ... so many.

In 2002, BC, even Xiang Yu, the most reliable chief of the army, also rebelled against Xi Chu, and assisted Liu Jia to rebel in Jiujiang in order to welcome the military king Yingbu soldiers. As Li Zuoche descended by conspiracy, all the rebels and Han Xin's army ambushed, siege Xiang Yu to his Majesty. The Chu army quickly became lonely. With the death of a general such as Yu Ziqi, Zhong Limei was divided and surrounded. "Hangu three links suddenly changed to one million, Chuge was missing eight thousand." Xiang Yu's last remaining general However, Zhou Lan and Heng Chu had soldiers under eight thousand, and even Xiang Bo also ran away. Overlord is really a solitary and widowed, and has reached the end of the road!

In addition to the five rebels such as Ying Bu, Peng Yue, who rebelled, and Lu Matong, who took the corpse of the overlord, is it true that in the entire Chu-Han war, no one was willing to die for Xiang Yu? We look back at the short history of the Western Chu Empire and find that in fact they are fighting for Western Chu and loyal to the Western Chu. They are not only a few but also known as "Five Tiger Generals". I do n’t mention fictional characters such as Yu Ziqi, nor do we talk about the well-known master conspirator Fanfu Zeng , Xiang Yu ’s failure, and the death of Xi Chu. From this perspective, it ’s a bit “cowardly, exhausted The tragedy of a thousand troops.

Here I only give examples of five famous "Chuo Chenliang" who are named Xi Chu, who let people have at least a superficial sense of that short history.

First, Ji Bu, a native of Chu, was known as Ren Xia before his uncle Xiang Liang. Ji Bu is very kind about morale and credit, and the capricious British cloth is totally two kinds of people. As the saying goes, "It's better to get Jibu Yinuo than to get a hundred pounds of gold."

It is said that Fan Zeng of Xiang Jiajun's army was also invited by Ji Buli to leave the mountain. Ji Bu is good at making a painting halberd, Wen Tao martial arts strategy, and has unstoppable courage. He is one of the "Five Tigers in West Chu".

Ji Bu participated in a series of important battles in the late Qin and early Han Dynasty, such as the Hueiji Uprising, the Battle of the Giant Deer, and the Battle of Pengcheng . Ji Bu helped Xiang Yu to kill in the west and to discuss in the north. He made great achievements. He once led a chase to kill Liu Bang , and chased the later Han Gao ancestor into the sky, and had no access to the ground. After the collapse of the Western Chu, Liu Bang offered a reward for capturing Jibu, and threatened that anyone who dared to hide Jibu would sin his tribe. However, many people are willing to risk their lives to help Ji Bu, the most famous of which is a person named Zhu family who asked Liu Bang to pardon Ji Bu by speaking to Xia Hou Ying.

Ji Bu's half-brother, Ding Gong, is a model of infidelity to Xi Chu! This king is also a general under His Majesty Xiang. In the situation of "stabbing Liu Bang with a short knife and stepping on Liu Bang's body with a horseshoe," Liu Bang released him with a few good words. After Liu Bang won the world, he did not hesitate to kill the Ding Gong who came to him, and announced to the world that Ding Gong was innocent and infidelity to Xi Chu.

Secondly, Zhong Limei, a native of Yilu Township, Hanyu County, belongs to Xiang's generals, and has always been the prince of the brachios around the king, and his loyalty is well-known. According to legend, Zhong Limei is good at using a spear, martial arts is proficient, and deep in warfare. Zhong Limei also participated in important battles such as the Battle of the Giant Deer. In 203 years ago, he defended Puyang, but the Han army was under heavy siege but could not be defeated. Zhong Limei stabilized the Chu army's position, and Xiang Yu took the opportunity to lead the counterattack. Zhong Li Mei Shou Puyang made an important contribution to the delimitation of the Chu and Han circles, and won a temporary respite for Xiang Yu.

After Xiang Yu's defeat, Zhong Limei went to vote with his friend Han Xin. Liu Bang hated Zhong Limei and ordered that he be wanted across the country. In order to protect himself, Han Xin sold his good friend. Zhong Limei confided to Han Xin the benefits of cold lips, but Han Xin did not accept it, and Zhong Limei was forced to commit suicide. As Zhong Limei said, Han Xin soon died unsightly.

Third, Lu Chu, a descendant of Chu Chen, who was better-known than Xiang Liang, was wanted by Qin Guo and died in Zezhong. Xiang Liang joined the Chu army after starting his army, and he fought bravely and repeatedly. Xi Chu is good at using spears (or spears and other weapons), together with Zhou Lan, as the "humor two generals" around Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu killed Song Yi to seize military power, and Chu Chu was ordered to return the success to the king of Chu Huai .

Xun Chu's rank in Xichu has not been very high. Only after the Ying Bu rebellion, his position was promoted. He followed Xiang Yu faithfully throughout his life. Heroically died.

Fourthly, Long Qi (the word "和" reads "ju"), is good at making swords, has the courage to be unstoppable, and is as brave as Jiujiang Wang Yingbu. Three guys.

However, Long Qi was impulsive when he was in trouble and was not calm. Although he had rich experience in commanding the army, he was brave and incapable in general. Long Qi has always depended heavily on Xiang Yu, and is one of the few generals in the Western Chu Empire who can stand alone. At that time, "Xiang Wang heard the Huaiyin Hou (Han Xin) had lifted Hebei, broken Qi, Zhao, and wanted to strike Chu, so that the dragon struck at it." Originally, Xiang Yu sent Long and a vice general Zhou Lan, but Zhou Lan's The correct suggestion was not to be adopted by Long Qi, and Xie Yong marched. Han Xin sent the horse to irrigate the baby, intercept the water, and half-crossed, smashing the Chu army and beheading the dragon.

Long Qi responded to the old saying, "The earthen jar will not be broken off from the well, and the general will die before the battle." The death of Long Qi was very stimulating to Xiang Yu. For the first time, "Xi Chu Bawang" knew what was scared and took the initiative to ask Han Xin and Liu Bang for peace.

Fifth, Cao Cao, a Confucian general, is good at using swords, and his martial arts are passable. Cao Gui was originally a prison officer in Qin Guoxian County (a small officer like the prison director, may not be so big). Once, Xiang Liang (the uncle Xiang Yu) was detained in a prison. It was Cao Gui and Liyang Prisoner Sima Xin. (Later, one of the three famous Qin Guoshuais) rescued Xiang Liang, and Cao was the life-saving benefactor of Xiang. Later, Cao Gui was said to have succeeded in countering Zhang Han , so he won the trust of Xiang Yu, and then all the way through the official transport Hengtong, the official worshipped Sima. Cao Gui took the defensive task of Cheng Cheng, a town in the town, and Xiang Yu asked him to stand for fifteen days. However, after Xiang Yujun was mobilized by Peng Yue, Liu Bang sent troops to surround Cheng Ying.

Cao blame the battle card hanging, Liu Bang sent people to abuse, Liu Bang is said to ask the Han soldiers to use a kitchen knife, a chopping board, chop a knife, and curse (Liu Bang, who was born in the skin, really has a hand in scolding). Finally, Cao Gui, who persisted in not fighting, was finally angered. Cao Gui led the army to kill the city. The Han army fled. Cao Gui was caught in an ambush as he chased after him. Then he was surrounded and destroyed by the Han army. Cao Guicheng was defeated. There was no choice but to commit suicide. At the same time, there was another celebrity named Qima Guo who was also loyal to Xi Chu, called Sima Xin.

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