How did the Battle of Yuanshui end? About the Battle of Yuanshui
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General Hu Bin, sent by Xie An , led the Marines to Shouyang along the Huai River. On the way, he learned that Shouyang had been attacked by the former Qin striker Yan Rong. Hu Bin had to retreat to Shishi (now southwest of Fengtai, Anhui) and set up a battalion, waiting for the army of Xie Shi and Xie Xuan to meet

After Xiong Rong occupied Shouyang, he dispatched a ministry to lead Liang Cheng with 50,000 horses to attack Luoyang (in today's Huainan, Anhui), which cut off Hu Bin's navy. The Jin army was besieged, and the rations went down day by day. The situation was very critical.

Hu Bin sent a soldier to send a secret letter to Xie Shi, saying, "Now the enemy is coming very fast, and our army is running out of food. I'm afraid I can't meet the army." Caught. The letter fell into the hands of Xun Rong, and Rong Rong immediately sent a horse to Xiangcheng to tell Xun Jian . Qiu Jian was proud of the success of the Qin Jun striker. He left the army in Xiangcheng and personally led 8,000 cavalry to Shouyang, anxious to swallow the Jin army in one breath. When he arrived in Shouyang, he discussed with Yun Rong and thought that the Jin army was already vulnerable , so he sent an emissary to the Jin camp to persuade him to descend.

The messenger sent was not someone else. It was precisely Zhu Xu, who had resolutely resisted the Qin army in Xiangyang a few years ago and was later captured. After Zhu Xu was captured, he was adopted by Qin Jian and became a Shangshu in Qin Kingdom, but his heart was still toward the Jin Dynasty . He went to Jinying to meet Xie Shi and Xie Xuan, and was as happy as meeting his loved ones. Instead of persuading him to surrender according to the instructions of Jian Jian, he provided Xie Shi with Qin Jun's information. He said: "This time, Jian Jian launched a million men and horses to attack Jin. If all the men and women are concentrated, I am afraid that the Jin army cannot resist. Now when their men and women are not together, you quickly launch an attack and defeat their forwards. If you dampen their morale, you can defeat the Qin Army. "


After Zhu Xu left, Xie Shi thought again and again that Qin Army of Shouyang was very strong, and he was not sure to win, but it was better to stick to it. Xie An's son Xie Xuan persuaded Xie Shi to listen to Zhu Xu and dispatch troops as soon as possible.

After some discussion, Xie Shi and Xie Xuan sent the famous soldier Liu Beizhi of the Northern Government to lead 5,000 elite soldiers, and launched a surprise attack on the Luo Qin army. This Beifu soldier is really well-deserved. They are like fierce tigers with wings, they are forced to cross Luohuo, they are all brave and extraordinary. Qin Jun, who was guarding Luojing, was not an opponent of Beifu soldiers. He reluctantly resisted for a while and was defeated. Qin Jiangliang was killed by the Jin army. Qin Bing scrambled across the Huai River to escape, and most fell into the water and drowned.

Luo's great victory greatly inspired the morale of the Jin army. Xie Shi and Xie Xuan ordered Liu Biaozhi to continue to rescue Yan Shi, while personally commanding the army, marching forward until the east bank of Lishui (today's Luohe River, south of Shou County, Anhui), stationing the men and women on the side of the mountain Face off with Qin Army stationed in Shouyang.

After Xu Jian sent Zhu Xu to surrender, he was proud of himself, waiting for the surrender of the Jin army. Suddenly he heard Luo Yi fall, like a sap on his head. He wants to accompany him to Shouyang City Tower to see the situation on the other side. Wu Jian glanced up from the tower and saw that the tents of the Jin army on the other side were neatly arranged. Jin soldiers armed with swords and patrols came and went, and the lineup was strict and mighty. Looking further into the distance, on the other side of Bagong Mountain, vaguely did not know how many Jinbing. In fact, there was no Jinbing on the Bagong Mountain, but it was Ji Jian who was guilty of embarrassment and regarded all the vegetation on the Bagong Mountain as Jinbing (the classical saying is " All soldiers are soldiers ").

Qi Jian was a little scared. He turned his head and said to Qi Rong, "This is indeed a strong enemy! How can we say that they are weak?" After that, Qi Jian ordered Qin Bing to guard tightly. The Jin army failed to get over the water, and Xie Shi and Xie Xuan were very anxious. If the delay continues, I am afraid that the Qin Army will arrive in all directions, which is not good for the Jin Army.


Xie Xuan sent a letter to Yun Jian, saying: "You have brought your army deep into Jin's position, but now you are setting up a position by the edge of the water, and you are not holding your soldiers. Is this what you want to fight? If you can The position moved back a little bit, freeing up a place for our army to cross the water, and the two sides won or lost on the battlefield. This is the courage! "

Wu Jian thought, if he did n’t agree to retreat, did n’t he admit that we were afraid of the army? He immediately summoned the general of Qin Army and said, “They want us to give up a position, and we will withdraw. When they are crossing the river, we Send cavalry rushing forward, safekeeping can destroy them. "

Xie Shi and Xie Xuan received a response from Yun Jian to retreat, quickly rectified the troops, and prepared to cross the river to attack. The time for the crossing of the river came, and when Jian Jian gave an order, Xun Rong instructed Qin Jun to retreat. They wanted to withdraw from a position and turned around to attack. Unexpectedly, many Qin soldiers were partly disgusted with war and partly afraid of being promoted. As soon as they heard the command to retreat, they ran away, and never wanted to stop.

Xie Xuan led more than 8,000 cavalrymen and quickly crossed the water to attack the Qin army.

At this time, Zhu Xu shouted after the Qin Army formation: "The Qin soldier was defeated! The Qin soldier was defeated!" The soldiers behind did not know what was going on, but only saw the Qin soldier running forward and turned around to follow Screaming and running away. 苻 Rongqi waved his sword desperately , trying to hold his feet, but the strange soldiers came back like a tide, where could he hold it. A group of disorderly soldiers rushed and washed down the fused horse. Xi Rong struggled to remember that Jin Bing had already caught up from behind and cut him with a knife. As soon as the Lord died, Qin Bing ran around like a scared horse who took off the reins.

After the battle, Jian Jian saw that the situation was not good, so he had to ride a horse and desperately escape. Unexpectedly, a flowing arrow flew, hitting his shoulder. He insisted on no pain, continued to urge the horse to run wild, and fled to Huaibei before breathing out. The Jin army chased after the victory, Qin Bing flees, and the soldiers who were overwhelmed and trampled down were everywhere. Those escaping soldiers heard the wind and the sound of cranes in the air along the way (the classical Chinese is " Wind Crane Crane ", the sound of crane sound lì is the crane crane), and it was also used as the shouting and killing of the Eastern Jin chasers, scared to stop . Xie Shi and Xie Xuan regained Shouyang and sent Pegasus to Jiankang to deliver a good news.


On this day, Xie An is playing chess with a guest at home. After reading the news report sent by Xie Shi, he did not show any sensibility. He just put the news report on the bed and played chess. The guest knew that the battle report had been sent forward, and couldn't help but ask Xie An, "How is the situation of the war?" Xie An slowly said, "The children defeated the Qin people." After playing chess, if you want to quickly tell the good news to others, say goodbye.

Xie An sent the guests away and returned to the inner house. His excitement couldn't hold back anymore. When he crossed the threshold, he smashed the teeth of the wooden cricket on his feet.

After this war, the powerful former Qin lost his vitality. Xi Jian fled to Luoyang, and packed up the remnants and lost, leaving only a few hundred thousand. But Murongchui 's troops were not lost at all. Unsurprisingly, Wang Rong's Murongchui and Qiang Yao Yao finally betrayed the former Qin, and each established a new country-Hou Yan and Hou Qin, and Yao Jian himself was also killed by Yao Qian.

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