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Speaking of Su Shi , many people know that Su Shi started to be angry on the 27th. For a person living in the Song Dynasty , it was a bit late to study at the age of 27. According to legend, Su Shi didn't like reading since he was a child. He lived in a carefree family. In addition, he showed a cleverness better than his peers when he was young, and he did not take reading seriously. So, what caused Su Shi to be angry?

Su Shi statue

One reason came from his wife. Su Shi's wife, Cheng Shi, is a boudoir and she has studied poetry. She persuaded Su Shi to study hard all day, but Su Shi did not know how to repent, so Cheng taught the children to read and read. Seeing Cheng's discipline of the children, Su Shi thought of his own inferiority, and gradually realized that if he did not think so aggressively, he would be sneered by the children in the future, so he considered his own learning.

The incident that directly caused Su Shi's indignation to occur on the 27th year of his mother's death. The bereaved second brother asked him to write some articles to praise the famous mountains of Sichuan, but Su Shi found that he did not know how to write the magnificent scenery in his stomach on the paper. Looking at the anxious brother, the second brother asked him Compiling the Su family tree. In the process of writing. Seeing the ancestor's deeds, he felt ashamed and embarrassed, so he picked up the book and looked up.

Later, Su Shi failed to rush the exam many times. He was annoyed that he read the articles he had written before, and burned them all in one go. He was determined to study hard and write really good articles. This is the story of Su Shi's outrage from the 27th.

Su Shi changed from a stubborn master to a literary master with a reputation in the later generations. The people around him gave him great encouragement. He himself also put in a lot of efforts. It can be seen that whenever he wants to succeed, he will not take the first step any time. late.

Introduction of Poet Su Shi

Su Shi was a writer in the Northern Song Dynasty. He was the father of the famous poet Song Su in the Northern Song Dynasty. Su Shi was also one of the eight people in the Tang and Song dynasties . Let's take a look at Su Shi's profile.

Su Shi

Su Shi's article is very critical and makes people feel a sharp taste. Su Shi did not study seriously when he was a child, and did not study seriously until he was 27 years old.

Su Shi ’s father was an official in Sichuan. The Su family was regarded as a poem-book etiquette house. Although Su Shi was born in the poem-book etiquette house, he did n’t like reading. His wife and mother died successively, and Su Shi began to realize the short life and thought that he should hurry to study.

Su Shi also wrote some articles in his usual casual study. At the age of 27, he planned to start studying seriously. He took out the old manuscripts he had written before, and after reading it, felt that he had written too badly, so he burned all of them. After burning the manuscript, he devoted himself to learning.

Although he did not study seriously before the age of 27, he was very serious when he learned, and a story about him illustrates his seriousness. When his wife saw that he hadn't had breakfast because of reading, he put some bitches and sugar on the desk, and left after leaving.

Su Shi, however, treated the ink in the ring as white sugar, dipped it in the ink with a mule, and when his wife came back, he discovered that Su Shi's mouth was full of ink. It can be found from this story that Su Shi's reading has reached the level of fascination.

Su Shi later relied on his diligence to become a writer at the time, and left his name in history. Su Shi is the late representative of Daqi . Su Shi's profile tells people that as long as they can calm down and learn, there will be something to do, no matter when they start learning.

Su Shi's Right to Work

As one of the famous poets of the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi, together with his two sons, was called " San Su ". He wrote countless poems, many of which had profound historical significance at the time and later generations, like an article The book on various issues in the war was praised by many readers for a while. The name of the book is "Book of Power". Let us analyze the essence of it.

Su Shi portrait

"Book of Rights" is a work of Su Shi's middle age. At this time, he already had a certain literary background and more experience, so he also had a lot of opinions in the process of writing. Su Shi is good at writing prose, and most of them focus on rectification. The book "Quan Shu" relies on its strengths to explain the main theme very clearly.

In Su Shi's book "Quan Shu", he can see that his research on history is very deep. In this book, Su Shi mainly wanted to elaborate two points of view, one of which is directed at leaders and warned leaders to go to the battlefield. The soldiers must understand how to lead a war, and they must not be brave, and the innate character and later study of military law occupy the main position in it.

Another point is that when dealing with daily internal affairs of the barracks, such as the transportation of grain and grass, the collection of weapons and chariots, we must be flexible and not rigidly follow the regulations. At the very least we must understand how to adapt to the current situation If you don't know how to focus on reality, it is impossible to lead the whole team well.

Su Shi's "Book of Power" can be regarded as a classic. Su Shi used his whole life to combine history, military tactics, and politics. What he said was not empty words or rhetoric, but he actually played effect.

What are Su Shi's famous sentences

Su Shi was born in the Northern Song Dynasty. In our junior and senior high school textbooks, we can often see his prose poems, etc. In our impression, Su Shi is a literate and flirtatious man, but the fact is that Su Shi didn't like to study in his childhood. The family was run by his father, so Su Shi didn't feel tired when he was a teenager. He wandered around with his friends every day. During this period, he also took an imperial examination, but didn't pass it.

Su Shi

After that, Su Shi followed Chen Gongmei and others to travel around the Quartet. After a lap around Mount Emei, I heard that the Laoshan in the northwest is also very magnificent. This trip is half a year. After returning home, he found that his wife was embarrassed, and through his wife's narrative, he saw his inferior shadow on his son. Only then did he start thinking about his family and the future.

After his bereavement, his brother asked him to organize his family tree. Since then, Su Shi has loved to learn. His efforts, coupled with his talent, made Su Shi a household name. Since then, Su Shi's famous sentences have been known to all ages. In Su Shi's prose famous sentences, we can feel his atmosphere, all the prose he wrote gives a sudden and cheerful feeling.

Many people are most impressed by Su Shi 's expositions on why Qin Shihuang unified the six kingdoms. In the article, Su Shi published his own opinions and views, which has an understanding ability different from ordinary people. In the eyes of the people at that time, the six kingdoms were unified because of Qin's strength, but Su Shi could see the mystery at a glance. Qin Neng unified the six nations because of the disunity between other nations. The emperors of the countries did not have long-term vision. They only took into account the immediate interests of their own country, not what the people believed.

Until now, Su Shi's famous sentences can still be heard in the mouths of students in various regions. It can be seen that Su Shi's influence on the entire country is extremely great, and his famous sentences can be spread to this day.

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