The truth about the change of Xuanwumen: Li Shimin was actually forced to kill his brother?
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Right to Harmony and Unification-Different Inside and Outside

As the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty , Tang Taizong faced two main tasks in terms of "power": one was to obtain the throne and have supreme power; the other was to develop territory and become the monarch of the whole world. For the internal power contenders, kill it, there is nothing to say; for the external power contenders, alliance, and if you don't agree, you fight. However, in the whole process of using "power", both the envy and the equal methods were adopted.

· Change of Xuanwu Gate

As we all know, the throne battles of the past dynasties are the most intense and cruel, especially when the eldest son or the crown prince is weak. Emperor Taizong Li Shimin ranked second and happened to have such a big brother as his strongest competitor to the throne. And his father Tang Gaozu Li Yuan , who is also a very conservative person, always believed that the eldest son of Lu should inherit his position.


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Li Shimin is a very deliberate person. He knows that the position of the eldest son of Yi can't be contested, but he can find another way to surpass it in terms of ability, performance, and prestige. Therefore, Li Shimin studied hard in private, paid attention to his own cultivation, and made friends and cultivated his own power. In addition, he firmly holds the military power, treats his generals and soldiers well, is also very good to the common people, and has a high prestige among the army and the common people. Especially after the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin played a huge role in the six large-scale campaigns to stabilize the situation. If the victory of the six wars is compared to the six goals on the football field, then Li Shimin has completed four goals by himself and has two assists. Most importantly, he scored a winning goal in the most crucial finals (Tang Jun vs Wang Shichong and Dou Jiande ). After this battle, Li Shimin's prestige and influence reached the extreme. It is said that when he returned to Changan, he was ceremonially entertained by the military and civilians as well as the emperor.

This situation made the elder brother Li Jiancheng very worried. Of course, Li Jiancheng is not a fuel-saving lamp. He has paid more attention to controlling the DPRK politics and has better relations with some power ministers. In addition, he made a lot of promises to his fourth brother Li Yuanji, and the two had a good relationship. At the critical moment, make sure this brother is on his side. Basically, Li Jiancheng is inside and outside the palace. Before that, Li Jiancheng considered the role of Li Shimin in leading the war and had been patient with his strength development. But now that the world is basically peaceful, it is time to resolve internal contradictions. Therefore, he suggested to his father Li Yuan that his fourth brother Li Yuanji should be the commander to go to Turk, in order to seize Li Shimin's military power.

Although Li Shimin fought abroad for years, he did not know anything about the situation inside the DPRK. In fact, he had arranged a lot of "undercovers" around Li Jiancheng, and he knew everything about Li Jiancheng's every move . He was not obsessed with the achievements at the time, and felt that it was necessary to solve the obstacles in his power path. After learning about Li Jiancheng's latest developments, Li Shimin decided to pre-emptively. But how to deal with this crown prince? Li Shimin's officers and men are very worried. After all, this is the brother of the "boss"! Li Shimin said at this time: "If you have any plan, let me decide whether or not Enforcement. "The opinion of most people is to imprison the crown prince and his main party and prevent them from interfering in politics. Li Shimin immediately objected: "Li Jiancheng has been fascinated and cannot be solved fundamentally after being imprisoned." The generals understood the meaning of "boss" and proposed a method to force Li Jiancheng to wait in the palace, but to intercept on the way. Li Shimin agreed, but who was responsible for doing this was not very relieved. Therefore, he decided to complete this task by himself, and brought with him the most loyal Wei Chigong .

The progress of the matter proceeded as planned. And the scene that Li Shimin was most worried about did appear. On the evening of July 2, 626 AD, in front of Xuanwu Gate, his elder brother Li Jiancheng and his fourth brother Li Yuanji ran away. "You can't let the elder brother run away, otherwise all the painstaking efforts of all these years will be in vain." Li Shimin shot a fatal arrow, right in the middle of Li Chengcheng's vitality, and died on the spot. Wei Chigong also thaw immediately, shooting Li Yuanji.

After Tang Gaozu Li Yuan knew this, he was furious! But there was no other way. At present, there is only such a son, and the military power is still in his hands. Therefore, Li Shimin had to be made Crown Prince. Two months later, Li Yuan, who was blamed and helpless, gave up his throne to his second son, Li Shimin.

Comments: Li Shimin's own actions against his brother were often criticized by future generations. To a certain extent, it shows that Li Shimin's yearning for power. On the road to seizure of power, whoever blocks it will be removed. However, Li Shimin did not kill the "princeling party" on a large scale. Instead, he reused many dignitaries, the most famous being Wei Zheng.

· Conquer Turki

Although there are no opponents on the inside, the outside is still not flat. Not long after he took office, Turkic leader Kiri Khan heard of the political turmoil in the Tang Dynasty and thought there was opportunity. The pro army led all the way south without encountering any resistance, and came to the north bank of Weishui across the river from Changan City. At this time, there were not many troops in Chang'an. Where did the team go? It turned out that Li Shimin wanted to stop the Turkic troops halfway. But Li Khan did not head-on with the Tang army, but accelerated the march, bypassed the defense line, and rushed straight to Chang'an City.

Panic and panic across the entire field, Li Shimin was unusually calm, on the one hand transferred other troops to support, on the other hand let the troops to intercept quickly return to support. If you go out of town, you will meet Li Khan and gain some time for reinforcements. The ministers persuaded: "This may not be allowed, this is too dangerous." Li Shimin said calmly, "We have been worshipping Turks for almost ten years, but Turks are still not satisfied. Sooner or later I will go to war with them, but not Today. Today, I just want to tell them that we are not afraid of them. "After that, I found five ministers who are more familiar with the Turkic people and went straight to the Turkic army.


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Kelly Khan saw that Li Shimin had brought such a few people with him. It was strange, and he murmured in his heart, "They all said that this boy could fight. I didn't expect it to be so crazy. There must be any pitfalls. Look at it first." Unexpectedly, Li Shimin A man went straight to the bridge and shouted his name. Turk turned his eyes and turned to "sweat": "Boss, what about you." Heli Khan hesitated: "Shoot this kid directly, it's not good to pass it out. Look at it, don't pretend Otherwise, how can you hang in front of the brethren in the future. "To demonstrate the majesty, Kali Khan also hit the horse and went directly to the bridge without showing a slight pause. Turk generals secretly praised: "The boss is really powerful!"

After the two approached, Li Shimin first said, "Sweat, don't come without worries." But when it comes to key issues, it raises the sound. The feeling of the soldiers on both sides was that King Tang was sweating. And being said, the Tang army brigade also came, but the number was not large. However, Kelly Khan looked very clearly and found that these troops were obviously not in one batch, and there may be follow-up forces behind them: "This Tang Army support can be fast enough." At this time, Li Shimin also stopped talking and raised again Voice: "Sweat, if we go to war today, it will not be good for both of us. If you withdraw, my Datang will not let you run for nothing, you can ask anything. In addition, to thank you for so many years For our support, we will continue to abide by the agreement and pay tribute to you. "With that said, Li Shimin took a step forward and whispered," Big sweat, you should also know that behind you, there are 200,000 troops from Yu Chigong. "Aid back." Suddenly, he said aloud again, "I Li Shimin always talks." Kali Khan knew that he was doing a good job, and was very annoyed but helpless. "Since Xian Xian is so sincere, I will go back and think about it." Without giving Li Shimin a chance to speak, Zema returned to the army.

At night, Kelly Khan confirmed that Li Shimin did not lie to him, and Wei Chigong was indeed rushing to help. Li Li Khan had scruples about Yu Chigong. When he went south, he just lost the battle. According to the Scouting News, at that time, Yu Chigong led only 2,000 vanguards to repel the 5,000 elite Turkic troops. "No wonder the kid frightens me with his captain Gong."

Two days later, Lili Khan and Li Shimin reunited on the Weishui Bridge, signed a peace agreement, and beheaded the White Horse League, known historically as the "Wei River Alliance." Although apparently Tang Wang compromised, he continued to pay tribute. But Turkic soldiers understand that the new Tang king is "not easy to mess with." General Tang Jun also admired Li Shimin more.

Although the retreat was successful and small favors were given, this is not a long-term solution. As a result, Li Shimin began a three-year plan to prepare for war. In 630 AD, Li Shimin sent Li Jing to attack East Turkistan. Why is it East Turkistan? Historical records show that since the Weishui Alliance, great changes have taken place in Turkistan, and they have caught up with natural disasters, freezing the cattle, sheep, and horses on which tens of thousands of Turks live. Later, there was another division, with the emergence of East Turkistan and West Turkistan.

Similarly, when the political turmoil is unstable, it is the most vulnerable time. Li Shimin will naturally not miss this opportunity. Li Jing, a well-known general in the Tang Dynasty, did not humiliate his mission and captured the leader of East Turkistan, Li Kehan. For the defeated generals, Li Shimin did not rush to kill them , but paid equal attention to them and served others with morality. This move was affirmed by various Turkic ministries. In the same year, Li Shimin was honored as " Tian Khan " by various Turkic ministries.

Comments: Lili Khan and Li Jiancheng are two different political opponents, and Li Shimin has adopted different policies. The purpose of killing Li Jiancheng and not killing Li Khan is the same, both are to establish their own authority. From the actual situation, both methods are effective.

· Conquest of Goguryeo

It was Li Shimin's greatest regret to fail to subject Goguryeo to surrender. Even before his death, he was planning how to conquer Goguryeo. Many people in the historical circles believe that Li Shimin's battle in Goguryeo was a major failure in his life. He was suspected of being a poor soldier and making the same mistake as Sui Yangdi .

Many people do not know that the root cause of the Sui Dynasty's demise was not due to Sui Yangdi's tyranny and what peasant uprisings. In fact, it was wrong to conquer Goguryeo. Since Li Shimin's conquest of Goguryeo failed, his son Tang Gaozong Li Zhi also took the elimination of Goguryeo as an important mission. In addition, during the early period of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Sui Wen also carried out a crusade against Goguryeo. In history, there were large-scale raids against Goguryeo by two dynasties and four generations. Why must we conquer Goguryeo?


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In fact, Goguryeo is different from other countries such as Turkic, Tuyuhun, Gaochang, Dong, and Xue Yantuo. Although he appears to be a court official in the Tang Dynasty, he has always been hostile to the Tang Dynasty. At the time, Goguryeo was not a small country as the outside world and later generations thought. Goguryeo in the 6th and 7th centuries is no longer a small regional country, but has developed into a powerful centralized system, which has the potential to compete with the Tang Dynasty for East Asian hegemony. In the late Northern and Southern Dynasties , throughout the Sui Dynasty, and in the early Tang Dynasty, Goguryeo continued to provoke Sui and Tang neighbors to provoke wars against Sui and Tang while expanding their territories. Goguryeo wanted to dominate East Asia for a long time. The so-called mountains are not tolerated, the war between the Tang Dynasty and Goguryeo was inevitable. While the Goguryeo wings were not yet full, the Tang dynasty aggressively pursued them with a plan in mind.

In 641, Li Shimin sent a ambassador to Goguryeo, and found that Goguryeo accepted many Sui Dynasty soldiers. At this point, Li Shimin had begun to seek out the idea of Goguryeo. Later, a coup occurred inside Goguryeo, and a minister suggested attacking Goguryeo. Li Shimin did not agree in consideration of the labor and financial loss. However, after the situation was stable, Goguryeo joined Baekje to attack Silla, and Silla always surrendered to Datang. Li Shimin sent Xuanzang to mediate, but was rejected by Goguryeo. When discussing with the ministers, Li Shimin thought: "Goguryeo attacked Silla, on the surface, it did not give me face. In fact, Goguryeo wants to control the entire Korean Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula. If it succeeds, it will definitely challenge us. At that time, the situation It is even more difficult to control. Within the scope of my rule, such forces are never allowed to appear. "So, despite the objections of Chu Suiliang and others, Li Shimin urged Goguryeo in 645 AD. Although the review was not fully successful, it caused great damage to Goguryeo's national strength. Later, Li Shimin adopted the suggestions of his subordinates and continued to harass Goguryeo so that he could not quickly restore his national strength. This laid the foundation for later Gaozong's destruction of Goguryeo.

Comment: Compared to others, Goguryeo was the biggest threat of the Tang Dynasty. As a wise monarch, Li Shimin knows this. In order to maintain his authority, Li Shimin did not hesitate to ask for a drive. Although it did not achieve a major victory and did not shake the foundation of Goguryeo, it slowed down the rapid growth of the Goguryeo dynasty to a certain extent, and also accelerated the decline of the Goguryeo dynasty. During the review process, Li Shimin did not adopt a bloody policy of massacre and extinction. He still used the equal emphasis on envy and consolidated the forces he had gained, laying the foundation for the complete defeat of Goguryeo in the next step.

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