Zhu Cong

Zhu Cong (? ~?)

Zhu Cong's Information

Chinese name: Zhu Cong

Alias: Wonderful Scholar

Nationality: Southern Song

Nationality: Han

Occupation: Knight

Weapon: Iron Fan

Martial arts: Kongkongquan, split muscles, and iron fan punching

Stunt: Stealing

Apprentice: Guo Jing

Source: " Hale of a Condor Hero "

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Zhu Cong ——Master Guo Jing

Zhu Cong is a character in "The Heroes of Shooting and Carving", the master of the hero Guo Jing, the nicknamed "Shoushu", and the martial arts is the second child of " Seven Weirdoes in Jiangnan ". The martial arts is second only to Ke Zhene. . However, due to Ke Zhen's evil blindness, Zhu Cong's combat ability ranks first among the seven strange. The weapon is the fan bone of a broken oil-paper fan.

Later on Taohua Island, he was killed by "Western Poison" Ouyang Feng with toad power. Before he died, he stole the small shoes carried by Yang Kang and became one of the key evidences of Huang Rong's case.

Martial arts description

1. Zhu Cong thought: "No, she was calling her husband Copper Corps to come to the rescue." She called quickly: "Dry her fast!" Luck in her arm, and patted her with heavy weight. Zhang Asheng held up a large rock with both hands and smashed it to the top of her head. Mei Chaofeng's eyes were just blind, and he could not listen to the wind like Ke Zhen'e, and his voice was thick when he hit the stone. He could still tell that his body flickered to the side, but Zhu Cong's palm finally failed to avoid it. , "Hum", the palm of my heart. Rao is her great martial arts practice, but she is an ordinary student with a wonderful hand, and this palm also makes her painful. Zhu Cong succeeded with one palm, and the second palm followed.

2. Ke Zhen trembled his wand, Zhu Cong waved the white folding fan and joined the battle group. Ke Zhu's martial arts far surpassed the others in the six monsters, with three enemies one, they had the upper hand.

3. Zhu Cong turned a deaf ear and reached out his hand. He slightly hooked his little finger and hooked Peng Lianhu's finger on the poisonous needle ring. Peng Lianhu was not aware of it, and he was holding hands with Zhu Cong. The two were working hard at the same time. Peng Lianhu felt only a slight pain in his palm and hurriedly broke away. When he raised his hand and looked up, he saw that his palm had been punctured with three holes, and his wounds were more poisonous than his The needle pierced much larger, black blood flowed out of the hole, itching was very comfortable, but not painful. He knew that the more severe the toxicity, the less pain he felt, only because the wound was numb immediately and he lost consciousness. He was frightened and angry, but didn't know how to get on the road, raised his head, and saw Zhu Cong hiding behind Qiu Chuji , holding his poisonous needle ring with his two fingers in his left hand, but holding a dark one in his right fingers. Rhombus with sharp rhomboids and blood stains on it.

It should be noted that Zhu Cong is known as a wonderful hand-student. His hands are amazing and unpredictable. He pulls off Peng Lian's venom needle ring and stabs his palm with poisonous diamonds, which is just an easy lasting skill. Peng Lianhu was so angry that he rushed forward. Qiu Chuji stretched out his sword and drank: "What are you going to do?" Zhu Cong laughed: "Master Peng Zhai, this poisonous diamond is my brother's unique hidden weapon. After being hit, let you call him" Lian Hu ", even if You are a lion, a leopard, a pig, and a dog. You can't even live two hours with all the beasts in the world. "Hou Tonghai said:" Brother Peng, he is scolding you. "Sha Tongtian reprimanded:" Don't say more "Isn't Brother Peng aware?" Zhu Cong said with a smile: "Fortunately, Peng Zhai has a thousand hands, and I persuaded them. It would be better to cut off the palm and leave 999. Only However, your nickname has to be changed, and it is called 'ninety-nine hand slaughter.' At this time, Peng Lianhu felt that his wrists were numb, and he was shocked, and ignored his ridicule and sarcasm. The amount is cold sweat. Zhu Cong again said: "You have your poison needle, I have my poison diamond, the toxicity is different, and the antidote is different. If you can't bear the nickname of" Thousands of Hands ", anyway, everyone is your own person, my brother The two children got close, how about changing them? "Peng Lianhu did not answer, Sha Tongtian rushed and said," Okay, that's it, take the antidote. "Zhu Cong said:" Brother to him. " There were two small packets of medicine in it, which Zhu Cong took and passed. Qiu Chuji said: "Brother Zhu, don't be fooled by him, and ask him to take it out first." Zhu Cong laughed: "The eldest husband has faith and is not afraid that he will not give it."

Peng Lianhu reached into his arms and touched his face, his face discolored and whispered: "It's bad, the antidote is gone." Qiu Chuji was furious and yelled, "Hum, you are still playing tricks! Brother Zhu, don't give him." Zhu Cong laughed: "Take it! We are gentlemen, we will give you a whip , give it when you give it. The seven true sons, the seven strangers in Jiangnan, will count naturally when they say something." Sha Tongtian knew that he had great skill in his hands and was afraid I hit him again, and didn't dare reach out to pick it up, crossed the iron paddle, and stretched over. Zhu Cong put the antidote on the paddle, and Sha Tongtian collected the paddle to get the medicine. Everyone in the audience was puzzled. They did not understand why Zhu Cong gave the antidote calmly, but did not force him to hand over the medicine. Sha Tongtian suspected that the antidote he had brought was not the real thing, and said, "The seven chivalrous men in Jiangnan are very powerful people. Can't they hurt people with fake medicine?" Zhu Cong laughed: "How can this be, how can this be." Return the poisonous diamond to Ke Zhen Evil, and then slowly took out a thing from his arms, and saw a sweat towel, a rich dart, a few pieces of broken silver, and a white snuff bottle. Peng Lianhu stunned: "These are all my things. How did it change to him?" It turned out that when Zhu Cong's right hand and his hand were pulled, his left hand was empty and he had already swept the things in his arms. Zhu Cong pulled the snuff bottle plug and saw that it was divided into two compartments, one compartment was a red powder and the other compartment was a gray powder. He said, "How to use it?"

Although Peng Lianhu was fierce, at this moment he was on the verge of death, and he did not dare to commit further fraud. He had to tell the truth: "Red inner clothing, gray external application." Zhu Cong said to Guo Jing: "Catch the water, get two bowls." Guo Jingben I went into the store and brought out two bowls of clean water. One bowl was given to Ma Yu, who served him with medicinal powder, and the other one was applied to the wound on the palm with gray medicinal powder. The other bowl of water was handed to Peng Lianhu. Zhu Cong said: "Slow down, give Wang Daochang." Guo Jing Yi Yi, and then handed it to Wang Chuyi. Wang Chuyi was puzzled and took it. Sha Tongtian shouted, "Hey, how do you use two packs of medicinal powder?" Zhu Cong said, "Wait a minute, don't worry, you can't die in one and a half minutes." But he took out more than ten packs of medicine from his arms. When Guo Jing was overjoyed, he shouted, "Yeah, yeah, this is Wang Daochang's medicine." Open a bag and take it to Wang Chuyi, and said, "Choose the best, you can choose. As soon as Wang Chu recognized the medicine, he picked out four medicines, such as Tian Qi and Xue Xie, and chewed it in his mouth for a while, then swallowed it with water.

4. Only one person heard the cry, "This is for you!" At the sound of the wind, a strange thing hit me. Mei Chaofeng couldn't hear what the blade was. He waved his right arm and knocked it off, but it was a chair. It was strange. I just heard the sound of the wind. A bigger thing was sick. Fly over and immediately stretched out his left hand to grab, but touched a table, light and hard, and was at a loss. It turned out that Zhu Cong threw a chair first, and then hid behind a rosewood square table, holding two table legs and bumping into her. Mei Chaofeng kicked off the table, Zhu Cong had already let go of the table, stretched her right hand forward, and put three living things into her collar.

Mei Chaofeng felt a few cold and greasy things bouncing on her chest, and could not help but scare a cold sweat, and said, "What kind of weird hidden weapon? Or witchcraft?" I hurriedly reached into the clothes, grabbed, but a few The tailed goldfish, touching the placket with his hands, was not surprised at all. Not only did the porcelain bottle containing the antidote in her arms disappear, but the dagger and the scriptures of the "Jiuyin True Scripture" rolled on the dagger were all missing. She was so cold in heart that she stayed still and stood still. It turned out that the previous pillar fell down and broke the goldfish tank, and the goldfish flowed underground. Zhu Cong knew that Mei Chaofeng was extremely perceptive and fast. It was far from everyone like Peng Lianhu and Qiu Qianyu. He picked up the three-tailed goldfish and put it in her clothes. She was surprised and distracted before she did it. She has everything in her arms. He unplugged the porcelain bottle and sent it to Kezhen's evil nose. He whispered, "How?" Kezhenxian is a big expert in using poisons. When he smelled the medicine, he said, "It's all taken internally and externally."

Character introduction

Family relationship

Brother Yi: Big Brother "Flying Bat" Ke Zhenxie

Righteous brother: Han Baoju, the third horse "God King"

The fourth brother "Nanshan Bitch" Nancy Ren

The fifth brother "Smile Mida" Zhang Asheng

Sixth Brother "Hidden City Xia Yin" Full Blond

Han Xiaoying, Seven Girl "Vietnamese Sword"

Apprentice: Guo Jing

In vain: Huang Rong

Apprentice: Guo Fu , Guo Xiang , Guo Polu , Wu Xiuwen , Wu Dunru

Great-grandson: Master Fengling

Xuan Sun: Extinction of Master Shi and Gu Hongzi

Only Sun: Jingxuan, Jingxu, Jinghui, Jingjia, Jingzhao, Ding Minjun, Ji Xiaofu , Zhou Yiruo, Pui Jinyi


A native of Wenshang, Shandong, and later moved to Kejia Village, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, he is a downgraded scholar. The character in Jin Yong's Heroes of the Eagle Shooting, the second master of the hero Guo Jing, and one of the seven strange monsters in Jiangnan, is known as a wonderful scholar.

Unrestrained character, high IQ, and careful thinking. Good at empty hands, stealing things from others.

Weapon: Oil-breaking paper fan (iron casting). Stunning air punches, create your own tendons.

Zhu Cong once fought with Ke Zhenya and other righteous brothers and sisters in Mongolia, and later assisted Guo Jingcheng together.

Later he was killed in the hands of Western poison Ouyang Feng when visiting Taohua Island.

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